CA Student Should Never Say Never : Motivational Article

“Manzil mil hi jate hai bhatak ke hi sahi..ghumrah toh woh hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi”

Every one wants to be successful..dont we?But have u ever asked urself dat Did i really worked hard for it..? Did i really put in the effort required for the result..?We always keep dreaming about things, but the sad part is we never really work hard for it.. Say for example me, I never really worked for my attempt of IPCC NOV 2014, but still I cling on to the false hopes of getting a positive results..and when I don’t get through I will get disheartened out of no reason..I think it happens with most of us. Students always blames the Institute for not getting through and for the poor results, but dont u think the 3% mass of population which gets through have put in a much greater effort than the remaining 97%.I am not saying completely that the 97% students dint work hard but they dint put in the effort equivalent to the 3% people.Every one wants the u got to be the best.(NO OFFENSE ) “Failure is the key stone to success”. Many students who fail gets disheartened and quits so easily.We can never get good things in life easily at one go..sometimes we do have to work hard to realise the value of the thing we have. People who get it going in one attempt are the one who easily got it..but the one who have made several attempts to reach it knows how failure feels like and will not get disheartened easily if the company they are working in faces any kind of financial or any unhealthy situation..they wouldn’t quit easily. So my dear friends, we should never give up on anything so easily failure should make us strong..don’t use it against yourself..when you decided to do something in life..stick to it..if ever you feel like quitting, think of the reason you held it for so long and continue.The word “QUIT” should be erased completely from your dictionary. So guys,if you don’t get through this time,promise yourself you will put in twice the effort u did this time. Recognize your weakness,where u lacked in the previous go.Give your best,and you will come out in flying colors.

(P.S It applies to me as well)

“Winners never quit,quitters never win”,

this is not just a proverb it has a real deeper meaning.. So, all the best to everyone expecting results,may u come out in flying colors.

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