CA Pradip Amladi : A CA turned into Illusionist

So in trail of our series i.e famous chartered accountants today we talk about CA Pradip Amladi who is world famous in the city of  Mumbai 😛 ( PS : he used to say this punch during his performance ).

“Making things appear what they are not” is a skill which is either belongs to magicians or to Chartered Accountants, CA Pradip Amladi is a person who embraced both the professions as his passions.

Mr. Amladi lives and works out of Mumbai, India and is a qualified chartered accountant. He has work experience at few of India’s largest and reputed corporate houses. He held senior management positions these corporate Houses, including those of Vice President Group Internal Audit and Vice President Materials.

As a performing artist he has extensive performing experience, domain knowledge, technical prowess plus a vibrant onstage persona. His shows are funny, engaging, mystifying, fast paced and hugely entertaining.

Before coming to Apollo munich he had also  been invited to performed for some big business houses like SAP, HP, Microsoft , IBM , ITC, P&G, Citibank, ICICI and many more. So I think this is enough to testify that how good is he in his performing arts.

I met him on the Occasion of 8th Anniversary of Apollo Munich Health Insurance Ltd where he was called to perform his act MYND STORM. As a name suggest, the act was based on illusions. Mynd storm  was set of few legerdemain which  were totally unpredictable. Mynd storm  was set of few legerdemain which  were totally unpredictable.  I was able to figure out the secret  tricks in one or two of his acts but rest everything was mind blowing! Especially the last one.

The customized performance for different corporate houses adds cherry on cake for the audience.

Few facts you must know before booking his show of CA Pradip Amladi, who is “world famous in Mumbai” are as follows

1.)You must have arrangements of at least 2-3 hand mics.
2.)Dont Open food while he is performing, He dont like to loose his audience.

Thats all from my side about Pradip Amladi . We will post some more Inspiring CAs that are doing something best in their life.

something best in their life