We brings you IPCC TAX AMENDMENT NOTES FOR MAY 15 EXAMS in Summary for easy Understanding by CA BHANWAR BORANA. As exams are coming in next few months all what a student need is amendment notes that too specially for tax, as in may attempt new finance act  comes to action in CA course For May 15 IPCC Exams A.Y 2015 – 2016 is applicable. You can download the same from below

If you are having any problem in downloading then you can comment the same , we will fix that problem as soon as possible.

Besides this we also want to give you few tips for taxation exams :-

CA Rockstars.


1. give more concentration on recent amendments, they have weight age of almost 20 marks in the exams.

2. Focus more on Indirect Tax as they shares 50 marks in paper & just 20 % of syllabus

3. As always RTP is recommended to be followed.

4. Don’t pay much attention on sections now .If you had already learnt some sections than just revise them once & Do not quote sections unless you are 100% sure about it.

5. it is not necessary to quote sub sections i.e if sec is 56(1) (vii) u can write as per the
provisions of sec 56 of the xyz Act.

6. In exam attempt Indirect Taxation portion first . it will take hardly 1 hour to complete this
50 marks paper so it will Boast up your confidence.

8. Attempt calculation of total income question in last because it is much confusing & also  time consuming in that 3 hours of exams.

9. Don’t go for any important topics  because in tax even one concept of one line could be asked from
examiner for 8 marks.

10. As said earlier make proper working notes for each & every practical questions you attempt

11. Tricky question  could be asked from pgbp , capital gain and other sources as a case study ..

12. And in last,  no need to learn case laws as they are not expected from IPCC students (Don’t confuse case laws with case studies.)

Thanku !!!

Hope you like our notes  IPCC TAX AMENDMENT NOTES FOR MAY 15 . We will provide some more to you near exam times so keep visiting our site.

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