CA Final : Self Study or Coaching

Every one is confused whether to take coaching class or do self study so we must say it depends on person to person. For one who is habitual of spoon feeding may not be able to do self study on his own. So we decided to write

CA Final : Self Study or Coaching and suggest some pros and cons of both so that you may get aware of the both options.

Self Study

As you all know the syllabus of CA Final exam is very much lengthy.If you have enough time, very much determinant , Self motivated to crack CA Final in first attempt, then you should prefer self study.

You need at least 8-10 months in total  to finish study material. this includes full revision 2-3 times before the examination. CA Final exam is just completely focused on conceptual clarity. For self preparation, you should have proper planning and time management skill. Make proper plan and follow it strictly. you also require a good quality study materials of some good coaching class or a good author

For the best reference book of CA Finals :-  Best Reference Book for CA Final

There are many Institute/ tutorials/company which provides online and offline study materials.Today is the trend of satellite coaching centres which are available at remote areas too. Our Sponsors Pro-education are also into same. You can clear your doubts by asking your seniors/friends who attended/attending classes. By this way you can crack CA Final Examination with self study.

Coaching Classes

If you are not enough  confident, determinant and don’t have sufficient time, then you can join coaching classes.(but keep in mind attending coaching classes also need time and efforts).  It will help you to be at more safer side because it will be keep you in time boundation and with some tested coaching tips, materials for good conceptual clarity. CA Final ranker who cracked the exam recommends some  coaching classes but there are also many others CA rank holder who cracked  and got top rank in this exam via self study.

Even there are many online and offline coaching classes available.

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