CA Final Direct Tax Notes Study tips and Important topics for Nov 16

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CA Final Direct Tax Notes Study Tips

How to prepare for  Direct Taxes?

Ans:  Direct  Tax  is a vast subject and  requires practical approach to solve  real  life problems faced  by us in dealing with  day-to-day income tax  and  wealth tax  queries. In  author’s opinion along  with  this book  one should use  following  tools in obtaining skill  to appear this paper for scoring good  marks:

  1. a) Bare Act
  2. b) Complier /Suggested Answers issued by the Board  of
  3. c) Other publications issued by Board of Studies like RTP, Amendments & Case

CA Final Direct Tax Notes Study tips

What should a read for  direct taxes subject one day before examination?

Ans: You may  read  following  material:

a) Board of Studies publication on Case  Laws on Direct  Taxes

b) Amendments booklet issued by Board  of Studies with  practical examples

c) Revisionary Test Paper  published by Board  of Studies for relevant d)   Author’s notes issued on the  subject. Apart  from  above  if time  permits you  may  read  the  text  book  for important topics like  PGBP,  Non-Resident, Transfer Pricing,  Capital Gains etc.

How much importance should be given to case laws?

Ans:  The  case laws  decided by various courts are  really  important to  understand the  real  intention of law but  from  the  point  of view of an  exam  oriented approach, the  author suggests to focus only  on  those case laws  which  are  published by the  Board  of Studies.


Are there some must to do topics to be covered or can one do selective study in  direct taxes?

Ans:  This  paper is  quiet comprehensive and   needs practical approach to  solve  queries. A common sense approach  combined with   knowledge of  law  can   give  you   the   edge   to  attempt the   paper at your best. Remember as compared to other papers in  direct taxes the  queries never  repeat, thus every  time  you  will find  some  new  queries in  the  exam. Therefore your  approach to such kind  of paper can’t be  based on  just reading the  suggested answers rather author suggests that you  should follow flow-chart & tabular approach to  revise  the  provisions for  your reference. Remember before  attempting a query please read   it  carefully, think which is the  right section to  be connected to  the  answer and  then be straight and  precise in  writing the  answer.

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CA Final Direct Tax Notes Study Tips and important topics

CA Final Direct Tax Notes Study Tips Important  topics:

Profits  & Gains of Business & Profession (PGBP), Capital Gains, Assessment Procedure (including appeals, revision, penalties, Income Tax Settlement Commission & Authority for Advance Ruling), Non-Resident, Transfer Pricing,   Double  Taxation Relief, Taxation of Trust, Companies, Firms jLLPs and  of course Wealth Tax.

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