CA Exams Study tips

These tips are for those who are facing there CA Exams in coming Days. Most of students fails because they don’t know the right approach to follow near exams so we are providing few things to do which you can follow During Exam to get Success in your upcoming Papers. Must Share with your friends to help them too.

  1. Have a sound sleep of 7 hours in night to be fresh in exam hall.

  2. Have light lunch before exam and a glass of juice. If i tell you about my self i can’t even able to eat a single bite of food. So juice is a good option for you all.

  3. Reach at least 15 minutes before at exam center.

  4. On receiving the question paper just go through it. Do not waste time in detail reading of questions paper and quickly fix sequence of number in which you want to solve.

  5. First solve small questions then only go for Others.They are comparatively easy to solve and boost up in your confidence.

  6. Keep a watch in front of you to know the time available. Remember Do not distract your mind every single minute by watching clock in exam.

  7. Never deposit copy before time yourself.There is alway a chance of error so, review it again and again

  8. Try to solve all questions even you know only two three steps because Step marking can help you. Specially when it comes matter of 39 or 59

  9. Do not be too slow in first hour and too fast in last hour. Be alert from beginning. Maintenance same speed in three hours.

At last have Full Confidence in yourself.

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