Business Model of Reliance Jio

Every one is keen to know Business Model of Reliance Jio . So I tried to decode the Business Model of Reliance Jio. I hope you will like my analysis on Business Model of Reliance Jio. All your questions will be answered in this post only. I have made a complete video on this . Do watch it and share with your friends :-

Business Model of Reliance Jio – Video 


Background :- Mukesh Ambani always want to do something revolutionary in telecom sector. He is the same guy who provide mobile phones in just 500 Rs way back in early 2000s . After end of  Non- Competition Agreement with his brother He again jumped into Telecom sector and this time with a bang

Have a look at their Plans First :-

Business Model of Reliance Jio

Now see at TRAI Report for Dec 2016 :- In this report you can see Average revenue per user per month 126 rs. Minimum monthly plan of Relaince JIO starts from 149. So invariably reliance JIO will generate more revenue than other companies. You can go through complete report of TRAI from below link

TRAI Report link :- Download Now

Also reliance JIO will face less costumer problems as their will be less grievances of incorrect balance deduction. A 5-6 minute costumer call at call centre will cost company around 50 rs. Their will be huge saving for them in this cost.

The Game Changer :- They have their own Optic Fibre network. Which will help them to provide them more data at low cost. Other companies don’t have such privilege. They either  rely on their tower based network or hire optic fibres on rent.  this is the basic difference between Business Model of Reliance Jio and other Telecom companies in the market. Conclusion is that if every thing goes in the favour of JIO, They will earn more than other telecom operators for sure.

I have analysed Business Model of Reliance Jio in above video in detail. Please go through it for complete information.

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