Book you should refer for your CA IPCC ITSM Exams

IT & SM has all theory which lacks in variety and interest. Students might feel boring, tedious or monotonous. And it may be a nightmare for many students before exam night Because despite working hard not able to get good marks in ITSM due to huge cargo of syllabus and lack of technicalities involved in writing.


Follow this Book, if you think that you don’t have enough time to cover the whole syllabus.

Hello students, I am CA Deepak Saini, sharing the strategy with my book “How to study ITSM IPCC just before the exam in 24 hrs.” Students need Aerial View of the whole syllabus just before the exam so that you don’t miss anything.


Really theory is boring, so does the evaluator, he’s not going to read the whole answer. He will only look for the main keywords and presentation that are needed in the answer. So I equip this book with the thrust areas of the answers.


Fruits of this ITSM Book

  • What to cover first and what to cover last in 24 hrs.
  • You will notice as soon as you start reading this book that you can understand the book’s contents even without any hindrance.
  • Lender of the Last resort- RTP, Practice Manual and Past year questions at one place provide you the unmatchable combination to score desired marks.
  • Answers in the form of chart or in tabular manner, helps you to quickly revise the particular concept which is required at the time of exams.
  • BOLD & Italics are used to target topics quickly.
  • Written in easy language so as to make for you to understand.

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Also share your views on the same as well 🙂