Story of Blind Chartered Accountant 

If he can Why Don’t you ???


Despite being blind, Rajashekhar realises his dreams of Being CA

Blind Chartered Accountant
Blind Chartered Accountant

Disability can never be a hindrance for a person to be successful. All it requires is commitment, Determination and a little support from kith and kin.

This is what 23-year-old J. Rajashekhar Reddy proved. Despite the loss of sight at the age of 11, he Fullfill his dream to become a Chartered Accountant.

Born in a poor family in Guntur, problems confronted and depression stalked him at every stage. “It is sheer will power. If you believe in your dreams and work accordingly, success follows you.

It was, however, not an easy path. He attended CA training classes at different institutions . He used to make notes and record all lectures to listen later. For the examination, he collected soft copies of books, got them scanned and used text-to-speech software for making notes. While it is accepted that clearing CA finals is a tough proposition, Mr. Reddy has the distinction of doing it just in his second attempt. “He is an inspiration to the disabled,”

Blessed with a sharp brain and aided by the latest software for the visually challenged, Rajashekhar made relentless efforts for five years to reach his goal.

“There were many, including my mother, who thought that it was impossible for a person like me to clear the examination but I never felt discouraged,” said Rajsekhar, who learnt to do mental math at an early age.

“I used to study for hours at a stretch for the exams not just to clear it but also to prove that a visually challenged can accomplish whatever he wants,” he added.

“The profession of CA is an honoured post in the society and hence I was motivated to pursue it. My father works as an electrician and mother is a homemaker. It is a little difficult for them to comprehend the sense of my achievement. In fact, looking at the jitters I was going through before my results were declared, my mother was worried that I chose a profession which causes stress and wanted me to relax at home,” said the boy from Guntur, who cleared the examination in his second attempt on Jan 21.

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