Best Reference Books For CS Executive for Dec 2016

Best Reference Books For CS Executive for June 2016. Hey guys today we will provide you the names of best reference books for CS Executive to pass in very first attempt. CS Executive consists of two module. In this post we will discuss about the Module one. Module First of CS Executive has 4 subjects namely:

  1. Company Law

  2. Economic and Commercial Laws

  3. Cost and Management Accounting

  4. Tax Laws & Practice


Best Reference Books For CS Executive for Dec 2016

Now we will talk about them one by one starting from Company law.

(A) For Company law you can go with two authors namely

  1. Sangeet Kedia or

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2. Munish Bhandari

After conducting a survey on CS Professional students i.e who already cleared CS Executive levels about who is better and why, we came to know that more than 80% of the students has suggested to go for Sangeet kedia books. This book contains all the concept in very short way so that whole concept can be revised thoroughly in a very short time period.

On the other hand Munish Bhandari’s book for company law is more popular for CA Students as compare to CS Students. Students who started CS after successful completion of CA has gone for Munish Bhandari’s book. So that’s all depends on you to decide and go for respective authors.

Further you should note that only students who had cleared their CS Executive in their first attempt had also done/revised past year papers along with above mentioned books.

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Best Reference Books For CS Executive for June 2015
Best Reference Books For CS Executive for Dec 2016

(B) Economic and Commercial Laws

Again for this subject we will recommend you Sangeet Kedia’s books for CS Executive Programme. The important features of this book are

  1. It is user friendly and provides information in a well structured manner.
  2. It provides a comprehensive critical study of the various economic and commercial laws.
  3. All important and relevant judicial pronouncements, circulars, notifications, clarifications, etc. have been incorporated in this book.
  4. It contains questions with solution of previous year examinations, including the Dec, 2015 Examinations.
  5. Even the last minute changes in law are incorporated in this book.
  6. The Book contains all the topics to cater the requirements of new syllabus prescribed by ICSI.

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(C) Cost & Management Accounting

For Cost and Management accounting we will recommend you to go for study materials as issued by The Institute of Chartered Secretary of India. Although it contains less practical question as compare to private tutors’s but whatever the question it has are more relevant than others. Study material has each and every concept in depth and explained with the help of charts and Examples. So we recommend you to not to buy any books from private tutors and go for  Study material for Cost and Management Accounting.

(D) Tax Laws and Practice

For this papers students were divided into two groups. First who have fresh started CS after their secondary higher examinations and secondly who started CS After completion of Chartered Accountancy Course.

Firstly we will talk about the students who have already completed their Chartered Accountancy Course. We recommend them not to buy any further books for this subject as they already know enough to pass this examination during their Chartered Accountancy Course. If they will revise their Books for CA Taxation then its enough reading content to pass the CS Executive Examination.

Secondly we will talk about students who has fresh started CS i.e they were not a CA Student earliar. These students have option namely

1. Girish Ahuja

2. Puneet Bhatia & Abhishek Mittal (Sangeet Kedia)

Thats all for today. In our Next post we will provide you Best reference books for remaining subject of CS Executive Course.

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