Benefits of Revision Test Papers for CA Students in CA Exams

RTP or revision test papers by icai are probably one of the most under rated publishing of ICAI. They hold the keys to success in the examinations and are yet over looked by Most of the students. Those who take them up also do it at the end moment hence limiting the benefits they can derive out of it.

Revision Test Papers
Revision Test Papers

For those who do not know, RTPs don’t only cover all the latest amendments but can precisely cover the entire syllabus by the way of questions, needless to say what is important is already a part of it.

Download CA IPCC RTP’s :- Download Now

As a general observation, at least one question in the question paper is exactly the one that was there in the RTP. There can b more on the same lines and in case you have gone through more than one year’s RTP you can b lucky enough to get a lot of known questions, so before ignoring them, think again that if institute has given you a material to Base your revision upon, can it b worthless?

A general mistake most of us do before taking up RTP is not preparing our course fully, and then we refer to the solutions along with the question. This is a blunder. You are supposed to revise only when you are done with your course coverage. Otherwise there is no benefit you can derive from reading the solution. They are to correct your mistake and not for you to memorise.

Download CA Final RTP’s :- Download Now

Coming to the theory portion in the examinations, they are one of the best guide to your writing style. Generally we are caught between what to write how to write and how much to write. All this while we always had a solution by our side in the form of RTP.

So friends if you take an advice it’s always fruitful to use what is provided to it and judicious use of the RTPs too can take to miles. Must comment your views on Revision test papers issued by ICAI and you can also give your practical example in comments bellow

All the Best!