Are you prepared for your result? Yes, you heard it right. You are wondering that you had earlier listen for preparation for exam, preparation for revision etc. but never listen about the preparation of your result. Today via this post we will prepare you for your upcoming result. BE PREPARED FOR YOUR CA RESULT.

It is very well known fact that CA results pass percentage is very low as comparison to other professional courses. We even know this fact before joining this CA course. In a very few days the results for CA IPCC is going to declare. After seeing the average pass percentage of last few attempts we come to know that result for each group will come out around 8% to 12%. That means out of 100 students who appeared in the examination, only 8 to 12 students will be able to reach next level of CA Course.

It is most probable that you could be one of the 88 to 100 students (we wish you must not be one of them) who will not be able to enjoy to reach the next level of your Course. Then ask a question to yourself that whether you are fully prepared for this negative result.


It will take around 3 to 4 weeks to come back from the sorrows of failure after the result declaration. By wasting such a precious time of one month you prepare another foundation of failure for your next attempt. In simple words, we want from you to not to waste 3-4 weeks before and after exams and start doing study now for your next attempt.

By studying before result declaration you are giving yourself 2 benefits. Firstly, you will be mentally prepared if your result will be negative as you had already accepted it in advance. Secondly you will not waste your 3-4 weeks after result declaration being waiting for your mind to come back at normal stage.

You are now thinking that we are just demotivating you but you must accept that it’s the ugly truth of our CA course. You must prepare yourself in such a way that failure will not impact your study schedule.

Thanks for reading be prepared for your CA result. Best of luck for your upcoming exams.