7 Tips for students giving their first CPT exam. Common proficiency test popularly known as CPT exam is coming near day by day. If you are giving your first CPT exam, then this post is for you only. In this pot we will provide you the right way of preparation of your upcoming CA CPT exams. So before wasting any more time lets come to Tips for students giving their first CPT exam.

  1. Never get into a popular myth that without Coaching you cannot clear this exam. This is the first step of CA Course so it’s the easiest step for the course. It has the same level as of a 12th
  2. CPT exams contains mainly four papers namely Accounts, Law, Math & Economics. It is highly recommended you to never leave a subject completely without zero preparation. Always go to exams with all the papers more or less prepared.
  3. Institute material is more than sufficient for passing this exam. So never get into temptation of reading private tutors books for CPT.
  4. Institute module comes with 2 practice set of books which has more than 20 papers in each book. We recommend you to practice these papers because most of the paper will come from these papers.
  5. Prepare a study plan for your revision. Never go for revision without plan because by not doing so you will not be able to complete the syllabus on time.
  6. When 10 days remains before exam then set aside all the books and take practice module as your primary study material. Because it is the only study material which will help you to pass in your very first attempt.
  7. Beware of negative marking. If you don’t know the right answer of any question then leave that question instead of guessing the answer which may result in reduction of marks.

So that’s all for Tips for students giving their first CPT exam. Keep Sharing.