6 Kind of Freedom required by every CA Student

Hey guys this is 15th August 2015 and our 69th Independence day. So on this occasion Team CaNotes thinks to write something about the freedom required by each CA student during the course of Chartered Accountancy. So here we go.

Freedom 1 – Freedom from College Name puchne wale Uncle/Aunties.

I bet that during the course of CA you will face an Uncle or aunty who will ask you to “Beta, Konse College me padhte ho?” On this Independence we pray that this year you will not meet such Uncle or Aunty.

Freedom 2 – Freedom from Attempt Puchne wale Uncle/Aunties.

Like the above there is always an uncle present in your locality whi will continuously ask about your number of attempts in each 6 months from you. CA student need freedom from such Uncle and Aunties.

Freedom 3 – Freedom from Unknown relatives call on Result day

We all have relative who will not call for couple of months but on result day he will suddenly calls you and ask about your result.

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Freedom 4 – Freedom from overtime during CA Articleship

We know that learning practical aspects of our profession is good for our studies as well as for our better future. But when this articleship becomes pain due to so much work and overtime then it has also its adverse effects on our health as well as on our CA Results.

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Freedom 5 – Freedom from Tuition Ads, Messages, Emails

Unlike 3-4 years ago, nowadays CA Tutors has increased on a large scale. As a result students has to face challenges in choosing the best tutor according to his/her needs. In the same way these tutors makes so much advertisement campaigns which irritates each CA student to some extent.

Freedom 6 – Freedom from ISCA and ITSM

Most of the CA Students fails in CA exams due to these two subjects. So we want to get rid of these two subjects. Although ICAI has decided to remove these two subjects but we are eagerly waiting for the attempt in which CA student don’t have to face the same.

If you guys also want some more important freedoms than you can share your views in the comment box given below.

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