5 Ways to excel in  CA Exams by CA Alkit Jain

Most of Students ask me what should they do to pass their CA Exam with ease, My only answer to them is via Study ( Smarter and harder). So today in this write up I will focus on what a person can do besides study to pass his/her CA Exams. These all were followed by me as well when I was in my CA Finals.


  1. Try to remove Negativity within you : First thing you should focus on being positive, try your best for not being involve in negative thoughts with your friends. I have already made a complete video on this, so you can watch it as well. In this video you will came to know, how one can remove negativity that arises from various sources.
  2. Use your smartphones in study: Almost all of you  are having smartphone these days, Why are you not using it in your studies? . If you are not using it, then please open your eyes and make best use of resources available with you. I have made another video on this, if you haven’t watched it earlier then please watch it now. It will be very helpful for you
  3. Be competitive and Jealous : Yes you heard it right you have to be jealous with your friends if they are performing better than you, If you are not feeling jealous from your friends then I must say it will going to be tough for you, Being competitive is the need of hour and let me tell you CA Exam Results are based on demand and supply concept. If you want to pass with ease, you have to perform better than   your friends.
  4. Don’t hit and run : No no .. I am not referring Salman Khan case here. By hit and run I  want you all not to just casual read any thing in your syllabus. If you are not going to remember at the time of Examination then what is the need of wasting time on it ?. Just make sure what you read should remain in your mind near exams as well. “Reading 1 thing 10 times is much better than reading 10 things 1 time “
  5. Avoid relationships : I don’t want to elaborate this point but I am pointing out only those relationships which are going to hamper your studies.


Hope you will follow all of the above points and surely excel in your ca exams . Thank You for reading