5 types of friends you will met in CA Coaching Classes

There is very close relation between CA Students and coaching classes as there is no college or institution. Almost all CA Students depends upon coaching classes amd ofcourse you will met some wierd and strange persons there, we list some of the friends that you will surely find in every coaching classes here is the list of 5 types of friends you will met in CA Coaching Classes

1. A girlish girl who is having a boy friend and most of the time she is on phone and at the the time of exams she will always beg for your notes…

2. A Nerd who is always bussy in his book. For him all other world is in non existance while theacher is teaching . His centre point of concentration is his books at that time and ofcource they are not that much smart at that time but he is famous among girls because he make his note at time 😛 .

PS : I am not saying that girls are selfish 😀


3. A party animal  I gaurantee this type of friend exist in everyones life, he is ready to party all the time , before coaching,  after coaching even by bunking ca coaching classes he wants to party.


4. The Intelligent Guy He is smart, He is attractive and moreover he is very intelligent, He knows all the answers, he asks most of the doubts and you are just amaged how did you know all this.


5. A beeger: Not that kind of begger  .. but begger for notes and begger for concepts. he will always say

“bhai pls aaj aaj k liye de de na notes” ,

“Bhai ye vala concept palle nhi pad rha bta de na “


Written By : CA Alkit jain 

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