5 things you should care before choosing your Articleship Firm. Hey Guys we are back with some more tips & triks for you. Earlier we had posted regarding 5 things that ICAI don’t want you do and Tips to pass CA CPT Exams In Your First Attempt  and today we are going to discuss regarding 5 things you should care before choosing your Articleship Firm.

The below given are the personal opinion of CaNotes and are elaborated keeping in mind the average students and we hold no responsibility for decision taken according to below mentioned ideas. So lets start the 5 things you should care before choosing your Articleship Firm.

  1. Choose between Clearing CA very easily vs High quality Articleship:-

First of all you have to take a life changing decision for yourself. Because this decision will change your remaining CA Student life. So if you choose to clear CA in very easily and will concentrate on practical knowledge later then you must choose a CA Firm with not that much work . It may be under a ACA itself who has just started his/her office.

Secondly, If you want to go for quality training( which Team CaNotes Recommend you to do) then you should try for the Firms which will provide you the better knowledge and better career options.

  1. Top 50 firms Vs Average CA Firms

 After clearing the first confusion as stated above time comes to choose between Top 50 CA Firms and Average CA Firms. For your information Top 50 firms are located mainly in big cities. So if you belong to a small city then you have to move from your native place to big cities.

In Top 50 CA Firms you will be provided a fixed job for the whole 3 year period. You are not allowed to change your field, area during your articleship. As a result you will be master of your area but you lack general Knowledge regarding other areas. On the contrary, in average CA Firms you will be provided number of tasks pertaining to different fields. After three years you will have JACK OF ALL FIELDS BUT NONE OF EXPERTISE. This type of job requirement is available in mostly medium and small companies.

  1. Proper Holiday package for exam Preparation

 This is the most critical call for every one. One must not forget that everybody requires holidays for preparation of exams. If you are not able to clear your exams in your first attempt then none of the best articleship will help you to get your CA Degree.

So we recommend you to first decide regarding holiday package for examination with your Principal.

  1. Always keep option of changing articleship within one year 

ICAI has introduced this option against those chartered Accountants who do not allow their Articles to transfer articleship due to various reasons. So choose a Chartered Accountant who will freely agree on transfer of articleship anytime.

  1. Don’t Go with your friends Choice

 Most of the students choose CA Firm on the basis that his/her best friend is also an article in that firm. You are going to become a professional so you must be careful regarding choosing the right CA Firm for you instead of just going to same CA firm where your best friend works.

That’s all for 5 things you should care before choosing your Articleship Firm. Keep Sharing.