Technical Questions asked in CA Interview

1. What is materials requirements planning ?

2. Explain – Environment Exposure.

3. What is “Product Life Cycle”

4. Tell us about SAP

5. What is an ERP Package ? Do you have any exposure in ERP ?

6. Business concepts on software companies

7. What is growth in Banking Industry

8. What are the privileges of a Private Company

9. What is organizational hierarchy ?

10. Tell us about RBI Prudential Norms.

11. Who controls insurance sector in India ?

12. What do you know about assurance engagements

13. Accounting in Process in BPO and Compliance Procedures

14. How is the accounting in a BPO different from other companies

15. What is the relationship between Interest rate and Inflation

16. What is option ?

17. What is the reason for financial crisis ?

18. What are the criteria for deciding the rating by CRISIL ?


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