History of ICAI : Year by year Incidence

Many of you wants to know about the History of ICAI, how it comes into the existence what was the past behind the formation of ICAI so we brings you the complete facts about ICAI Starting from 1857 till now, so that you may know the how ICAI come into existence  and you can proudly say that yes i know all about the history of my institute so go through the below serious of incidence year by year and must share with your friends also

Year Incidents
 1857 The first ever Companies Act in India legislated.
1866 Law relating to maintenance of accounts and audit   introduced.
Formal qualification as auditor now required.
1913 New Companies Act enacted.
Books of accounts to be maintained specified.
Formal qualification to act as auditor named. A Certificate from the local government to be held in order to act as auditor. An unrestricted Certificate entitled a person to act as auditor throughout British India. A Restricted Certificate entitled him to act as auditor only within the Province concerned and in the languages specified in the certificate.
1918 Government Diploma in Accounting (GDA) launched in Bombay. On completion of articleship of three years under an approved accountant and passing the Qualifying Examination the candidate would become eligible for the grant of an Unrestricted Certificate.
1920 The issue of Restricted Certificates discontinued.
1927 Society of Auditors founded in Madras.
1930 Register of Accountants (RA) to be maintained by the Government of India to exercise control over the members in practice. Those whose names found entry here were called Registered Accountants (RA).
1930 The Governor General in Council replaced the local government as the statutory authority to grant certificates to persons entitling them to act as auditors.
Auditors allowed to practice throughout India.
1932 First Accountancy Board formed. The Board was to advise the Governor General in Council on matters relating to accountancy and to assist him in maintaining standards of qualification and conduct required of auditors.
1933 First examination held by the Indian Accountancy Board. GDAs exempted from taking the test.
1935 The first Final Examination was held. GDAs exempted from taking the test.
1943 GDA abolished.
1948 Expert Committee formed to examine the scheme of an autonomous association of accountants in India.
1949 The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 was passed on 1st May. The term Chartered Accountant came to be used in place of Indian Registered Accountants.
Chartered Accountants Act was brought into effect on 1st July. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was born.
1999 ICAI completed 50 years on 1st July 1999.

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