11 things that only CA Student can understand 

There are few things that only CA Students can understand or only CA Students can experience few of them are as follows if you also want to add some than feel free to comment below :-


1. counting the total income of their coaching center :P. Its simple total no. of students multiplied by Per student fees. Concession in fees ?? Neverrrr….money


2. Our Parents, relatives, neighbours are proud of us just because we are doing CA 😀

” CA bas naam hi kaafi hai “


3. We always miss important family functions 🙁 . While other enjoying we are bussy in classes or articleship.


4. We have a special weopon and you know  whats that ? we can also make it off without using that off button calculator


5. Our relatives think that now we can file their free Income tax returns 😛 .. I always charge atleast 500 rs.


6. Nearer the exam .. longer the beard 😀 .. 


7. We hate this question .. Beta konse college se CA kar rhe ho ??


8. Dont Ask no. of attemp from us.. we hate this question mind it … 



9. We can buy a photo copy machine from the money we spent on photo copy of notes .. even books are available in market we go for photo copy .. thats economical 🙂


10. we love outstation audits .. and if by flight ?? Its like ice on the cake 😀


11. We are the cheapest labour in the world ;'( .. you can even check government figures on who are below poverty line .. yes we the CA Students



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Written By : CA Alkit jain 

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