10 things you will surely Experience During Your CA Student Life

After our Articles like 5 Reasons Why CA is Better Than any other Course and Famous Chartered Accountants of India we will like to share with you 10 things you will surely Experience During Your CA Student Life.

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  • When  you enter into the CA course, you know the least about the professional world but slowly and steadily the acadmic and professional rigour of the course,starts moulding you.


  • You will  start understanding that everything is illusionary, even the meaning of “related parties” changes from one act to another.


  • It will forced you to loose your innocence and to start judging situation and people by maintain professional skepticism.


  • Gradually you start liking valuation models over fashion models 😛 .


  • And as the level of your expertise will increase, you will everything positive about the negative list of service tax.


  • By the end of the course you will silently start praying that your assets should never exceed your liabilities.


  • You will get hang of excel sheets , to the extent that you will start mainting for your day to day activities


  • You will start appreciating the fact  that there are places where a four leaf clover stops working and even blessed people can go unlucky.


  • The more you will explore the fraternity the more you will understand about the ironies of life.


  • May be the person sitting next to you, was his school topper, the brightest person of his family and now, even after trying hard he is  preparing for his fourth attempt.


But after all these, you won’t stop moving , just because someday you too want to affix thoses two characters in front of your name, CA.

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