10 Qualities A student Must Have 

Here we try to list 10 Qualities that a CA Student must possess. Hope you all will like this . we appreciate if you comment some suggestions also


1. Good Revision skills: One must have good revision skills. You can revise subjects Easily if you make notes at initial stage of studies.

2. Good memorizing skills :  Make short Notes of definitions and sections which could be easily be memorized near exam times.

3. Good Handwriting:  Overall it does not matter a lot . You can just conduct some  weekly test to make your handwriting better  in Examinations.

4. Good Communication Skills: Increase your communication skills day by day. It will also benefit you after completing your CA. Try mirror practice and other such stuff which will help you.

5. Good Computer Skills: 21st century belongs to IT & CA  Student must go with this pace.Knowledge of MS office and tally like software helps you a lot. ,

6. Time-Management Skills: Use you time efficiently  without wasting a bit of it . So manage your daily target or Weekly timetable.

7. Good Behavior and attitude: Just have an idea while speaking with others what to speak and how to speak. Because we are trying to become a part of most prestigious professional body in the world. So don’t behave Childish and arrogant .

8. General Knowledge: Increase your Knowledge about banking, insurance, share market, Online trading, inflation, foreign exchange and etc.,

9. Be updated : Be updated on  what is  happening  around the world and also be updated regarding your profession :- check updates here

10. Always Be interested with studies: Don’t loose your confidence for CA Course, Always Be interested with your Studies and dedicate your all time for it. Because CA needs time you can also see our article Never Give Up Because quitting is not the solution.

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