Corruption in Professional coaching classes of CA / CS

Corruption in Professional coaching classes of CA / CS

Heard of POLITICS in a STATE or a COUNTRY? Ever came across diplomacy in tutorial classes? Sounds haphazard and mind boggling right..?

Read on to find out why??

Corruption in Professional coaching classes of CA / CS  etc..
There are classes umm… various classes and the hoardings crying wailing out for joining their best reputed classes for desirable success in whatsoever professional or courses they have to offer you coaching for. Now. What exactly ruins my brain is, if ,you’re not satisfied with the coaching of a particular subject and the teacher is jus in a rush to comprehend and has a targeted duration of completing the syllabus and you decide to give a shot to another tutor whom you know has done outstandingly well in subject. But what exactly happens is they decide to create time clashes and make plots so that you aren’t anchored to the tutor who justifies. What the heck.. Really.. .

Ultimately you get to know about the ongoing politics between the classes. Why is it that you need to sign a bond? Even if a student like me has been obstructed like this it creates a mental turbulence in the brain and you are jus pushed to pay the price for a decision you know was the most accurate of awl.. And the classmates are jus envious. If you can’t stand for what is right and be vigilant enough to accept the fact you’re a bag of shit. I must say this needs to be halted. In a small city wherein I reside if this is persistent I can’t think of the turmoil students who have that caliber be going through at this POT. Please the concepts required in the subjects are of core importance. Rather than the politics classes are playing.
Ruining thus the introverted brains of students.


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Quitting Is not the solution : CA Student

Quitting Is not the solution : CA Student

Most of you are feeling of quitting. If you are then must read this motivational lines by a CA student who also failed today and we named this article as Quitting Is not the solution : CA Student

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CA IPCC Student

To everyone who failed today.. I want you all to please read this just once.. Like you all i also failed today.. I failed in proving myself.. I failed in fulfilling my parent’s dreams that they saw for me.. Many of my fellow friends are asking me to quit coz i have failed for the third time.. But inside me there is a war going on, in spite of putting all my efforts i failed n now ppl are advising me to quit.. How can i quit a dream which my parents dreamt for me.. How can i quit to study a proffession which i thought would bring me success in future.. I know it very well somewhere you all must be feeling the same.. Quitting is a big decision.. Quitting CA for me is like taking my heart out and giving it to someone n still trying to continue living.. Attempts doesnt matter, but the way you present yourself matters.. So to everyone out there, who is facing this dilemma please think about all the aspects carefully.. Listen to what your heart says instead of what your friends are saying.. You all are mature enough to take right decisions for yourself.. If you think that you can be successful in some other field, so quit.. But if somewhere deep down your heart you feel that you can do better, so stick to this field and fight back.. Now its all upto you.. After giving soo much to


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CA Student Should Never Say Never : Motivational Article

CA Student Should Never Say Never : Motivational Article

“Manzil mil hi jate hai bhatak ke hi sahi..ghumrah toh woh hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi”

Every one wants to be successful..dont we?But have u ever asked urself dat Did i really worked hard for it..? Did i really put in the effort required for the result..?We always keep dreaming about things, but the sad part is we never really work hard for it.. Say for example me, I never really worked for my attempt of IPCC NOV 2014, but still I cling on to the false hopes of getting a positive results..and when I don’t get through I will get disheartened out of no reason..I think it happens with most of us. Students always blames the Institute for not getting through and for the poor results, but dont u think the 3% mass of population which gets through have put in a much greater effort than the remaining 97%.I am not saying completely that the 97% students dint work hard but they dint put in the effort equivalent to the 3% people.Every one wants the u got to be the best.(NO OFFENSE ) “Failure is the key stone to success”. Many students who fail gets disheartened and quits so easily.We can never get good things in life easily at one go..sometimes we do have to work hard to realise the value of the thing we have. People who get it going in one attempt are the one who easily got it..but the one who have made several attempts to reach it knows how failure feels like and will not get disheartened easily if the company they are working in faces any kind of financial or any unhealthy situation..they wouldn’t quit easily. So my dear friends, we should never give up on anything so easily failure should make us strong..don’t use it against yourself..when you decided to do something in life..stick to it..if ever you feel like quitting, think of the reason you held it for so long and continue.The word “QUIT” should be erased completely from your dictionary. So guys,if you don’t get through this time,promise yourself you will put in twice the effort u did this time. Recognize your weakness,where u lacked in the previous go.Give your best,and you will come out in flying colors.

(P.S It applies to me as well)

“Winners never quit,quitters never win”,

this is not just a proverb it has a real deeper meaning.. So, all the best to everyone expecting results,may u come out in flying colors.

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aCA Students Should Never Give up

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Journey Of CA Student Study tips & Suggestions to Pass CA EXAMS

Journey Of CA Student Study tips & Suggestions to Pass CA EXAMS

This is my first article. My experience facing CA course. The journey which began from registering CPT till CA Final. I have given my Ca Final exam and hoping for the best.CA as career it gives u all fame, reputation and of course money. Most of all the prefix which will be attached to our name for the rest of our life as mine CA Sneha.V. This is what every CA entering candidate looks for at the first step.

But the sad part is many of them leave this excited journey from a non CA to becoming a CA.

This article is dedicated especially for them who are aspiring to become a CA and also to the students who are fed up writing CA Final exams year after year.

Let me begin with my story. I myself from an economically weaker background student. Although I am a distinction student but CA as a career came to me when my other friends enrolled for CPT. But had no money to even pay the registration fee. I still remember the day when I enrolled for CPT and my mom gave the LPG money which she had saved past a month and also the pawn shop where I got some amount from my gold earrings. The next step was CPT and then IPCC.

IPCC I faced the same problem of fees payment. That’s when my College lecturer who helped me and it made me realize that am a good student who is capable of becoming CA.IPCC passed and article ship came my way. I thank god for the very stubborn and different kind of Principal whom I met. He had no feelings, all he knew was work and money. I was there in that CA firm for almost 3years.Many things I released there was my communication skills, my negotiation skills, my DT knowledge and also a learning lesson how to take up all type of jobs from receptionist to a senior article and also the management skills as to how to handle well the HR resource which I think would help me when I open my CA office. That also made me realizes employment or practice.

With this experience of mine, I would urge every candidate to sit down and jot down in which area they are good at. May it be administration management, communication, DT, audit, IDT etc.I worked hard in article ship, use to get a good sum as stipend which I had to planned for CA Final registration and tuition fees. I opened an RD account in bank, within a period of 1 year I could arrange for my tuition fees and registration. This is how I learnt saving habit, which I think I would continue to the rest of my life.

Then the next leg of my journey was Industrial Training. I did land into one of big MNC around the world, where I learned how Technology is use to make accounting, reporting easy. Best of all was the corporate environment where you are given deadlines and also the biggest lesson as to how you help yourself. A complete different environment from a small middle sized CA firm to a big corporate.

As a CA aspirant somewhere one loses the focus of being a student. Have seen students who never consider themselves as students. But  my mind always corrected me telling “Sneha you are still a student”. Though every student gets different kind of work exposure, may it be big or small or an middle-sized firm or a Big 4 audit firms or Industrial Training like me, but still a person remains as a student till he/she becomes CA.

Then the next leg of my journey was tuitions, work, travelling. This is the phase in which a student requires lot of strength physically and also mentally. Especially in cities like Bangalore where traffic is a major problem.

Few skills which I would suggest:

Study tips & Suggestions to Pass CA EXAMS During exam preparation-

  1. I feel an first time preparation candidate requires minimum 4 months for both groups.
  2. I learned this technique from my tuition lecturer. Recording when you prepare. While studying an chapter, record it in your voice in phone and save it using chapter or topic name. Hear it when you do the 2nd and 3rd This saves time especially during the previous day of exam.
  3. 3 revisions prior exam is must and should, it builds the confidence level.
  4. Every day go for a walk for 20-40minutes,that’s where the body becomes active to take new topics and also the mind. The glucose will run into your system and you’re a fresh everyday. Also a good regime to reduce those extra kilos which we tend to add during exam leaves.
  5. Everyday 10minutes of meditation is must and should. It fresh your mind.

Study tips & Suggestions to Pass CA EXAMS In exam hall-

  1. Reach exam hall minimum 30 minutes early(15mim for question paper reading 15min to relax).
  2. Carry water bottle.
  3. Smile at candidates sitting next to you, it eases your tension and also the other persons.
  4. When you receive question paper take a pencil and jolt down the chapter/topic, key points in few words and also some mnemonic, in audit paper especially for all SA and AS(I still remember in audit paper my 2pages of answer booklet in the end was filled with mnemonic which came handy ).although writing in pencil on question paper is not allowed by ICAI still you can use it unless you miss use.
  5. Don’t copy and help others in exam hall. This bad habit which costs a lot. Moreover you lose independence and confidence on yourself. I can tell proudly that till date I haven’t copied in any of my exams, nor school nor college and nor in CA.

A word for those candidates who are planning to quit CA or already quit CA

Life in itself is a challenge. I met a person in Industrial Training who had quit CA and was working fine with MNC. But the problem started when he was eligible for promotion but no PG degree in hand. He was one such person who had cleared CA Inter in first go. All that I could tell/suggest him was all these years he has faced en number of difficulties, challenges etc, but why one should quit when it comes to studies and become CA.When a candidate from a village can pursue CA, why not us living in cities/towns. It is difficult to sit down to study after long gap also with family responsibilities, but the fact is few months will settle the rest of life. The feeling of prefix your name with ‘CA’ is unexplainable. A colleague of his realized this and he started preparing for his ICWA exam which he had left years back. Am happy that along with my Industrial Training I could motivate one person to reach his goal, a memory which could take back with me.

All I can tell at point of time is never ever leave any work and career in mid, be self motivated and make the dreams in reality. Live your dream, make it true. The feeling of seeing the dreams come alive is like climbing Mt Everest .A big day to your parents being satisfied. Words can never describe.

All the best to all who are awaiting CA results and all the more best of luck to one who is now thinking of realizing their dreams come true. Even if a single person is motivated by my article I feel its worth an effort to share my journey till now.

Thank you.


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CA Students Should Never Give up

NEVER GIVE UPCA Students Should Never Give up

I was just wondering in the Morning about life of a CA student and I must say that its not that much easy.
Everyone of us know how difficult it is to manage Studies with classes, apprenticeship, training and studies all together.
Our day starts with rushing for the classes and ends on doing late night self study..
We all put our heart, mind and soul just to attain that one prestigious degree. We sacrifices almost everything for that one single degree.. We stay away from our parents far away from our native place, study when our friends are enjoying
The CA profession demands sacrifice and all of us even  do it

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But in the mid way some of the students give up ..CA Students Should Never Give up
The Que is why ?

I wanna ask them all.. Are your efforts over.? What about the sacrifices that u did till now? How can u forget that not only your efforts will be in vain but also the hard earned money of your parents will b wasted!
and most importantly.


I know there is lot of pressure and exhaustiveness due to reattempts.. But coming out of that pressure and tackling all the problems coming in the way leads to success..
I urge you all,before you think to quit just close your eyes for once and ask yourself..


I just want u all to understand.. Quitting is not the ultimate solution.. We have many students with us who failed in their earlier attempts but then succeeded they did it with with flying colors!

That is what I want to tell never give up i saw many people quitting ca because it required lot of hard work and many leaving because they didnt make it at first i mean really?

when you choose CA you not only choose to be proffesional but also you have to be optimistic at all the parts of it

failures come with the package

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Taste of succes would not have been better if it was without failure. so take failure as a second chance to improve your numbers to do better than before to prove yourself

dont let the faiure put you down rather put the failure down and face whats next with a pride.lets do it guys lets be positive ca is difficult because we are being trained to be uttmost proffesionalism and if we act like we cant do it then we really cant do it

believe in yourself we can do it


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Just read this again and think twice about this.

CA Notes always encourage CA Students to just perform well and never remove your focus from your ultimate goal that is CA .


Blind Chartered Accountant : Motivational Story

Story of Blind Chartered Accountant 

If he can Why Don’t you ???


Despite being blind, Rajashekhar realises his dreams of Being CA

Blind Chartered Accountant
Blind Chartered Accountant

Disability can never be a hindrance for a person to be successful. All it requires is commitment, Determination and a little support from kith and kin.

This is what 23-year-old J. Rajashekhar Reddy proved. Despite the loss of sight at the age of 11, he Fullfill his dream to become a Chartered Accountant.

Born in a poor family in Guntur, problems confronted and depression stalked him at every stage. “It is sheer will power. If you believe in your dreams and work accordingly, success follows you.

It was, however, not an easy path. He attended CA training classes at different institutions . He used to make notes and record all lectures to listen later. For the examination, he collected soft copies of books, got them scanned and used text-to-speech software for making notes. While it is accepted that clearing CA finals is a tough proposition, Mr. Reddy has the distinction of doing it just in his second attempt. “He is an inspiration to the disabled,”

Blessed with a sharp brain and aided by the latest software for the visually challenged, Rajashekhar made relentless efforts for five years to reach his goal.

“There were many, including my mother, who thought that it was impossible for a person like me to clear the examination but I never felt discouraged,” said Rajsekhar, who learnt to do mental math at an early age.

“I used to study for hours at a stretch for the exams not just to clear it but also to prove that a visually challenged can accomplish whatever he wants,” he added.

“The profession of CA is an honoured post in the society and hence I was motivated to pursue it. My father works as an electrician and mother is a homemaker. It is a little difficult for them to comprehend the sense of my achievement. In fact, looking at the jitters I was going through before my results were declared, my mother was worried that I chose a profession which causes stress and wanted me to relax at home,” said the boy from Guntur, who cleared the examination in his second attempt on Jan 21.

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India’s First Blind Lady Chartered Accountant : Ranjani Gopal

   India’s First Blind Lady Chartered Accountant : Ranjani Gopal

                   If She can why not you?


There is a general opinion that it is very difficult to pass Chartered Accountancy (C.A.) examination. The average passing percentage is around 10 %. Few students also discontinue the course after finding it very difficult to pass the examination.

It is touching to know about success stories of students who have passed CA examination after overcoming several obstacles. I want’t shares few inspiring stories of success of students in CA examination. These stories will inspire aspiring students to achieve similar success in their  examination.

STORY OF  India’s First Blind Lady Chartered Accountant : Ranjani Gopal

Story of Blind CA
Story of Blind CA

Several students with normal health struggle to pass the examination despite the best of professional coaching and excellent support provided by their family. It is inspiring to know that Ranjani Gopal, a visually challenged girl has cleared the exam during 2002 to become India’s first visually challenged woman to pass CA examination.

She was prescribed penicillin tablets for common cold by a doctor when she was nine years old. This was given without test dosage and this resulted in an allergic reaction which in medical terminology is known as “Steven Johnson Syndrome”. Her vision started deteriorating gradually and she lost her vision in right eye by the time she completed B.Com degree course.

She found it difficult to get a job due to her disability. She thought of pursuing CA course to improve her chances for getting a job. With lot of determination she joined CA course as there is not much need to attend regular classes like other courses. She started using the screen reading software and learnt how to use computers. She got all the materials converted to soft copy and started studying in a focussed manner. After facing lot of difficulties, she successfully passed the CA examination and is now well placed in a reputed firm.

RanjaniGopal has proved that it is possible to pass the CA examination if one prepares in a focussed manner in spite of any physical handicap. When a physically challenged person passes the tough course, no excuse can be accepted from a person enjoying normal health.

Rajani Gopal has come a long way after losing her eye sight. She treads on paths that make even sighted people think twice before taking up. Behind this chartered accountant, Veena player and social worker, lies a determined woman who has defied all logic when it comes to success.
You can also watch Our Inspirational video on you tube here :-





CA Notes brings you ICAI Motto song and its meaning just watch it and enjoy this wonderfull song ad must comment your views on this.




ya eYa sauPtoYau jaagait– ÈÈ

  • The person who is awake in those that sleep.
  • It means our motto is we should always awake all time.

kamaM kamaM pu$Yaao inaima-maaNa : ÈÈ

  • Shaping desire after desire, that indeed is the pure. This verily is that kamam kamam – desire after desire, really objects of desire.

tdova SaukM</b><b> td, </b><b>bamh tdovaamaRtmaucyato ÈÈ

  • That is Brahman, that indeed is called the immortal – In it all the worlds rest and no one ever goes beyond it.
  • It means we should get huge knowledge like as brahman.

tismaMllaaoka: iEata: savaotdu naa%yaoit kScana ÈÈ

Even dream objects like objects of walking consciousness are due to the supreme person.

  • Even dream consciousness is a proof of the existence of the self.
  • It means all person are depends on supreme person.

etd vaO tt ÈÈ

No one ever goes beyond it.

‘ On reaching God all progress ends.’


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A Motivational Confession By a CS Girl

A Motivational Confession By A CS Girl

                                                  For some people it might just a post, For me its my life

2010: jb mene me admission liya mene nhi socha tha ki meri life mai life aise bhi hone wala h

2011: exam se phle hi mera accident ho gya aur I was not able to walk and stand. Fir one year tak ssb hospital dikhane ke bad bhi kuch nhi hua mujhe exam bhi chordna pda

2012 : mera knee thik hua , exam diya sb acha hua , fir mera eyes khrab hua it was not normal , wo 6 month me thik hua fir mene CS me admission liya mene socha abi life normal hoga lekin tbhi I lost my sister she was only 17 uske baad maine hope chod dia that abhi kuch acha hoga aur socha isse bura ab kya hoga

2013 : mera ek eye se dikhna bnd ho gya. mene socha mai blind ho jaungi pr wo medicine se thik ho gya mene CS exam diya ek attempt me foundation clear kr liya I was happy but missing my sister. nyi hope ke sath socha abi health bhi thik h ab bs “CS” bnna hai.
Lekin in October mai hospital me thi meko lungs infection tha tab mene apne parents ko bhi tut te hue dekha . hospital me bhi maine unhe bola mujhe class join krna hai yha nhi rhna par I was not even able to speak that time jb mai thoda thik hui ghar ayi bhut month lga thik hone me.

2014: mene class join kiya tb tak mene bahut weight gain kr liya tha sab pain aur medicine se. class me log bahut kuch puchte the mazak udate the par mai jaati thi. Mujhe kbi kbi breath lene me bhi problem hota tha par mene give up nhi kiya abi mene class complete kr liya aur preparing for exams.

Yes I lost my sister , my health but I will never give up on my dreams.
Kabhi give up nahi krna chaiye khud par , life pr dreams pr chahe life tum pr give up kar de.


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