Its never late to Join CA | Sharada Narayanan

Its never late to Join CA | Sharada Narayanan ‘S Story – An Inspiration For Many CA Students

CA is not that Much Toughest Course , with Your Efforts it will be easy if you love the subject 🙂

“I was 37 years when I enrolled for the CA course. Some people have the Eiffel Tower on their bucket list, for me it is being a Chartered Accountant (CA) by 2018,” says Sharada Narayanan a perfect example of a GO-GETTER MOM.

“I completed ICWA in 1996 after my graduation. Post that I started working with an MNC. I continued working even after my marriage….From 2001, I kept travelling with my husband as and when he got transfers to different cities….Life was wonderful, colourful and interesting experiencing different cities , meeting new people however the constant transfers made working difficult for me.

With every transfer I had to change my job as well. Hence I stopped working when we relocated to Delhi in 2009. It was then that my husband encouraged me to pursue CA .

As a child I always wanted to be a Chartered Accountant (CA) , it was MY CHILDHOOD DREAM !!!! I thought finally I will fulfill my dream and enhance my resume. These transfers proved to be a blessing in my life!!!

In 2009 I registered for the 1st level- CPT and cleared it in ONE GO!!! I continued the next level of my CA studies – IPCC. I worked REALLY HARD for it. Almost putting in 9 – 10 hrs of daily studying. I cleared IPCC in the 1st attempt again… It gave me such a boost and enhanced my self confidence greatly. I was half way through CA!!! I enrolled for my articleship as well thus managing the house, work and studies all together.

It was at this time I enrolled for the Company Secretary (CS) course as well. Surprisingly, I cleared CS – all the levels in my 1st attempt !!!

I have 2 sons aged 18&12(age as of now) .There were days where we all studied together. Its a wonderful experience studying with your kids! My elder son says – Mamma, there is a CA post vacant somewhere in some company for you….JUST KEEP GOING.

From 2014- 2016 I was busy with my elder son’s preparation for his MBBS. He was in 11/12th his career was more important for me. I wanted to be there for him…I decided to set aside my CA preparations!!! I supported him through out, he got a MBBS seat in a deemed university in 2016. His dream was fulfilled. It made the CA wait all SO WORTH IT for me!!!

I again started thinking of giving my CA Final exams . In Jan 2017 I had to undergo a knee operation. I was told to take ‘COMPLETE BED REST’….I started dancing in my head on hearing this…Complete best rest means I could study for my CA final exams. Another blessing in disguise!!!

I took this as an opportunity and started studying for CA Final. After setting up my kids career, now I gave my CA Final 1st attempt in May 2017, though I am somewhat doubtful to clear this attempt….however I am positive on things . Now only I have boarded CA Final train…destination will surely come, it might take some time but MANZIL ZARUR AYYEGA…!!!!!!! I am ALL SET TO work really hard!!! Please wish me luck…My family is waiting for me to be a CA..!!!

My Mantra is PASSION… Juggling studies and family can be tough, but when you’re passionate about something, GO FOR IT. We are NEVER TOO OLD to start something new…We should never blame the Institute. They are the ones who are filtering and bringing out CAs who are the base for running companies. Only difficulty I have faced in the CA journey is memorising section numbers…Its just the ‘age factor ‘ I guess….Aur woh bhi ho jayega.” she giggles

“Once I am a CA will go back to the corporate world, will get some experience and then plan to start something on my own !!! I don’t have any ego. Will accept any suitable post with my resume – a respectable one for a triple qualifier…I will be 44 in August!!! ”

What is your ADVICE to others ,” My HARD WORK and GOING BACK TO STUDIES have given my kids a solid example of someone SETTING A GOAL AND MEETING IT…. People can find every reason in the world why they can’t accomplish something…. I WANT MY KIDS TO SEE THAT IF YOU ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES , YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WORK FOR. Also, I always tell people MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON!!! I am blessed to have married one. He has mentored, encouraged, supported and guided me throughout this journey,” she concluded.

CA Himanshu Bakshi : Short height doesn’t mean short in capabilities – Inspiring Story


CA Himanshu Bakshi : Short height doesn’t mean short in capabilities

Himanshu Bakshi

“I’m suffering from dwarfism. My height is 3 ft 8 inches. This disease is seen in one among 25,000 people. I have never been demotivated by the “different-ability” which I’m suffering from. Life has been a roller coaster ride for me. I lost my dad when I was in my CA final. That has been the lowest point of my life. My dad wanted to see me as a Chartered Accountant. I fulfilled his dream, but the day it got fulfilled he wasn’t there in this world. My mom is the biggest pillar of inspiration for me. I know the worth of my efforts as I have written most of my exams while standing for 3 hours, as the benches were too big for me.

People who are physically challenged are sometimes wrongly regarded by some as people unable to contribute to the society in any meaningful way because of their disability. Take the example of my life which is full of challenges every day. Whenever I step out of my home I see people laughing at me and making cheap comments. I have even witnessed an educated female pointing towards me and telling her son that if he didn’t eat food this was how he would become.

As the saying goes, if God takes away something from you, He replaces it with something you’ve never imagined. That’s evident in the case of my life. I am a Chartered Accountant, LLB and a commerce graduate. I’m currently associated with one of the Big 4 consulting firm. You people might be thinking what’s so special about me. I’m a perfect example of someone who has converted a disability into an opportunity. With my strong will power and dedication I have proved to the world that nothing can stop you if you have strong will power. I always believe that a strong determination and will power is far more important than a strong body.

I’m also a national level current affairs debater. I have participated in many TV talk shows and have been writing articles for many newspapers. I have been giving inspirational lectures to people from all walks of life. I always believe in this quote by the father of our nation, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” I always feel nice when people come and say to me, “Salaam Zindagi”. In my previous organization I was given the award of the Inspirational person of the year. I was also featured in the renowned fashion magazine MAXIM, that too in its anniversary issue. I have received many awards from many renowned personalities namely such as Late Mr. Jagjit Singh (Famous Ghazal Singer), Quiz Master Derek O’Brien and others. I was at Fever 104 with RJ Khurafati Nitin on his show along with being on various other radio stations. I’m a TEDx speaker and have addressed many forums such as CII, ASSOCHAM etc.

I hope to inspire many people throughout my life and want to tell them to not let physical appearance get in the way of your life and its goals.

Patanjali Success Story | The Rise of Patanjali

Patanjali Success Story | The Rise of Patanjali

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is the fastest growing FMCG in India with sale of 5000 crore in 2015-2016. Patanjali Ayurved Limited was established in 2006 since then it is growing many folds. Patanjali was founded by Baba ramdev and Acharya BalKrishan. Balkrishan is the CEO of the organisation with around 94% shareholding in the group whereas Baba ramdev is the main brand Ambassador and the face of the organisation. So in this post we will tell you about Patanjali Success Story, and how it is rising day by day.

If we look at sales of Patanjali, the company has grown about 10 times since 5 years and targeting double sales in 2016-2017 of around 10000 Crore rs. If Patanjali achieve its targets then it will become second largest FMCG company india. Only Hindustan unilever will be ahead of patanjali after that.

Patanjali Success Story
Patanjali Success Story

You all were amazed to see the success of this duo and I tried to figure out what are the major reasons of their success in this video Video below . I skipped the political factor for some obvious reasons.

Patanjali Success Story : Video

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Major Reasons of Patanjali Success :-

So from the above video we concluded these major factors for Patanjali’s Success.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Strong sales distribution network.
  • Swadeshi Factor
  • Baba Ramdev as Patanjali Face
  • single Brand Strategy
  • Political Factors

I have discussed  about all the factors in detail in above video so do watch it first . I hope you will like it and do share it with your friends. Keep visiting for more updates.

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If you think i have missed any point or any other factor then do comment below in comment section 🙂


Who is the Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

Who is the Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

Since I joined CA, I was very much keen to know that who are the chartered accountants managing wealth of Bollywood celebrities. Today I got to know one of such firms that is associated with Shah Rukh Khan and probably some other Bollywood stars as well. So I wanted to share with our readers as well. Who is the Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

While browsing few questions on Quora I got the answer of this question. Quora user Mansi desai answerd “I know this because he is father of my friend. His name is mr. Rajaram. Ajagaonkar and he works as Mr. Shahrukh Khan’s Chartered accountant. Beyond this I don’t know how he got to work with him”.

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Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan
Chartered Accountant of Shah Rukh Khan

Our team searched about Mr. Rajaram and found that his firm’s name is R.M. Ajgaonkar & Associates, they have not disclosed their clients name for obvious reasons ( To follow ICAI Code of conducts )

You can visit firms website here :-

If you also know chartered accountants working for some famous personalities then do comment below. We will definitely like to know about them.  Keep visiting for more such interesting facts and updates  also like our facebook page on which we regularly post such updates daily :- CA Rockstars

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Guard’s Son Become CA by defeating all ODDs

Guard’s Son Become CA by defeating all ODDs

Everybody does the hardwork, but work needs to be in the right direction. Recent results from the CA, it was proved once again. Son of a Guard  who is earning mare 7 thousand rupees per month salary  at a petrol pump become CA. And to fund studies of coaching, he worked himself and took a loan to complete his dream of becoming Chartered Accountant.


Guard's Son Become CA by defeating all ODDs
Guard’s Son Become CA by defeating all ODDs

The old guard at the petrol pump Devidas starchiness tried everything possible to make it worth for his son. Son, parents and family also worked hard to handle live. As a result of this work for 23 years, Sandeep became CA Sandeep.

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CA Student Should Never Say Never : Motivational Article

Blind Chartered Accountant : Motivational Story

About exam preparation and conflict Sandeep says, “I am the only person in my family who studied after 12th class . My two brothers,  due to the fragile economic situation forced to give up studies midway. So, my family has worked hard to teach me and to show me this day. It’s my turn to do something better for my family now. I saw a friend of mine decided to prepare CA. Registration fee for filling the “earn and learn scheme working under coaching for the money borrowed and scored. I was reading several hours at  Ambedkar Bhavan library is a big contributor to my success. After filling out the simple fee I could read the rest. “Speaking about the placement Sandeep says: “My dream is to work with the Big 4.”

We at wishes him for his huge success 🙂

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It is very well known fact that CA is most difficult professional course in today’s era. But side by side CS & CMA exams are not so easy. So guys this is the post regarding the guy who has proved his excellence in both the most difficult professional course which is CA IPCC & CS Executive. Mr. Umang Mehta has got All India Rank 31 in CA IPCC for May 2016 Exams & All India Rank 3 in CS Executive for June 2016 exams. Below is the experience shared by him to us regarding his success in exams.

“It was double celebration for me as I got air 3 in CS Executive in June 2016 and IPCC AIR 31 in May 2016 in my first attempt. I had missed out rank in CA CPT by a very few marks so it was really satisfying this time out. My cousin sister Anusha who had got AIR 24 in CA IPCC in June 2015 was always there to guide me and motivate me throughout my journey.
I would say smart work and hard work both are equally important in the professional exams. I also keenly practice meditation by swami Vishvas which helps in reducing stress. The exams are highly unpredictable so I would recommend that students should NOT skip even a single CHAPTER.
I would say that studying study material and practice manual of Institute is sufficient and there is NO need to refer to Hundreds of reference book. It is also important to stay motivated and positive all the time. Adequate sleep is also important especially during exam days. Self – study is the most important thing.
Writing answers in paragraph and underlining important points is pretty important. Last day revision during preparatory leave is the key to getting good marks. CS papers are really lengthy so during exams it is really important to be quick from the start and attempt full 100 marks paper. Some questions are also repetitive so studying past year papers is important. I would advise not to wake up late at night. My parents and teachers also guided a lot and finally a little bit of good luck does matters.”

Have a look on the marks sheet of Mr. Umang Mehta for your inspiration.


Rank Details

Screenshot_2016-08-02-12-07-17CS MARK SHEET

Screenshot_2016-08-27-19-30-56CS RANK





Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams

 Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams 

Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams : many students asks for Tips for Preparations for CA Exams so we brings to you Ten best Tips for Preparations for CA Exams (Both IPCC and final students can follow the same )

1. Prepare a time table for each subject separately. While setting up goal one should be careful that your Time Table must include atleast 4 Revisions including revision before one day of exam.

2. If you are going for both group then leave near about 24 days and if you are going to attempt single group the separate atleast 12 days as your last and final revision before appearing for the exams.

3. That means if you can revise the whole subject in 3 days before exams (in last revision) you can completely revise the same subject in just one day before exam.

4. For normal revision schedule never give time to more than two subjects in a day. If this lucky match of “two subjects a day” be disturbed, I will assure you that this revision gonna be so hard for you.

5. Try to make combination of one theory subject and one practical subject for the day.

Top Ten Tips for Preparation for CA Exams

6. Do not study on Sundays until your last revisions. If you study on each day of the week you will lose concentration and motivation.

7. Make arrangement for group study for atleast one day in a week. It will give you serious motivation while observing your group member’s performance.

8. Always go for Institute material for your study specially Practice manual issued by the institute. For practical subjects Practice manual formally known as compiler is must. Almost fifty percent of the exam question will come from these Institute materials.

9. Try to write on paper while solving practical question instead of just solving it on Calculator. It will give you more speed to solve the same question in exams as you are more familiar with the same.

10. If you are not going to implement the above methods for your exam preparation then you should be extraordinarily Intelligent or you will pass the exams on the basis of very famous quote i.e “ Bhagwan Bharose”

Hope you like our article Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams and All the best for your upcoming exams.



R Shivabhogam was born on 23th July 1907 in India and became the first lady chartered Accountant of India. Even the Wikipedia page of the lady recognise herself as the First Women Chartered Accountant of India. Today we decided to lighten up the story of very first Lady Auditor from our profession. Hope you guys will get inspired from her story. Here we go.


She was born before our country gets freedom from Britishers. She graduated from Queen Mary’s College, Chennai.


She gets Imprisoned herself during active participation in Civil disobedience Movement in 1931. She was in Jail for almost One year.


She was rejected for marriage proposals due to her physical disabilities.


After she get released from the Jail she decided to pursue Government Diploma in Accountancy which was the exclusive course for Male only at that time.


After completing the Course, she is not able to start her own practice as previous prisoner are not allowed for independent practice. She decided to file a Writ petition and won the case in her favor and finally started her own practice from 1937.



On enactment of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, She enrolled for membership number and become member from 1950. She was also appointed as the Chairperson of Southern Regional Council. She was the only lady person to hold such position till date.


That’s all for R SIVABHOGAM – THE FIRST LADY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. Hope you guys like it and get inspired from her.



After presenting the individual stories about famous Chartered Accountants in our Motivational Stories Section, today we are going to present some of the most successful Chartered Accountants of India who have accomplished major achievements in their relevant fields. Hope we will be able to inspire you a little with our little endeavor of motivating you to get success like these below mentioned Chartered Accountants. So before wasting any more time here we go to our List of Most Successful Chartered Accountants of India.


















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India’s First Blind Lady Chartered Accountant : Ranjani Gopal

Expectation from CA Profession by CA MOTILAL OSWAL – Interview

Motilal Oswal is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a well-known personality in the Capital Market with varied experience of over 2 decades in the financial service sector. The Government of India conferred him with the Rashtriya Samman Patra Award for being amongst the highest Income Tax payers in the country for a period of 5 years.

 Q What are your expectations from a CA professional to meet out your Industry’s requirements?

Ans. Very strong domain knowledge, high energy and passion.

Q Will GST be a game changer? What are your views on GST?

Ans. GST will be one of the biggest modes towards easing of doing business. It would bring a simple tax structure instead of very complex and multiple taxation system.

Q What are the major challenges in implementation of Ind AS by the corporate entities? As the head of finance, how will you ensure the successful implementation of the new standards?

Ans. There are several changes in IndAS than previous gaap in the areas like Financial Instruments, Consolidation, Revenue recognition, Employees benefits, Segment disclosure etc. which are going to have major impact on the Financials & profitability reporting of the companies. The Standard on financial instruments is going to apply in India before the global adoption (global adoption is from 1.1.18). This is going to have major impact on Banking and Financial services companies. Revenue recognition will change due to EIR (Effective interest rate) Model to be adopted by NBFCs, HFCs & Banks.

Companies may have hit their P&L due to fair value methodology to be followed for ESOPs.


Q What is your Industry’s reaction on Corporate Social Responsibilities?

Ans. I see CSR as a welcome change. It is definitely one of the most important responsibilities for the industry to work towards financial inclusion.

Q What are your expectations from an Auditor while performing his/her duties and responsibilities?

Ans. We expect the following:

a) Knowledge sharing on the new standards and judgment over selection of accounting policies

b) Control audits on the changed environment.

c) Finally assist the companies for smooth transition to the new norms.

Q To what extent CA professionals serves as efficient Strategic Thoughtful in an organization?

Ans. Every CA professional has to be very strong on strategic orientation as well as excellent in execution. In our group, out of seven business CEOs five are CAs, and you can take a hint from this that how important are CAs in playing the role as  Strategic Thinkers.

Q You would be having hectic schedules throughout. How do you maintain a life-work balance?

Ans. It is a question of setting very clear priorities and also a mind-set.  If we have a very strong team and can empower them, then it becomes definitely easier.

Q How do the skills acquired during the articleship help you enhance your own professional values?

Ans. During the period of Articleship there were lot of practical learning like keeping proper accounting process, internal controls and closing of books etc. It also helped me in practicing what we learnt in theories.

Q The job of a CFO in a company is to “increase company profits and boost corporate value”- How do you see this?

Ans. The job of Chief Financial Officer is becoming critical day by day. We as a Research / Financial company feel that effective capital allocation is a hallmark of successful and sustainable wealth creation by the company. Hence the CFO is one of the strong pillars in the organizational structure.

Q Finally, what message you would like to give to the budding CA professionals?

Ans. Become a life time student in a fast and dynamic VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World. You should keep on sharpening your knowledge and have an eager to learn new skills. You should also be very clear as to exactly how you want to build your carrier. Perseverance and Patience are important virtue for Success.