Jobs for Chartered Accountants – Enough or Not sufficient ?

Hey Guys ! today I am going to my office and met one of my old school friend and we had a small conversation after a very long time. During this 5 minute conversation I came to know that he has done M.Com and searching for a job after that. He also said me to that he is available to do work even for free for some months but he just need a start.

This small moment with my old school mate made me think that “How Lucky we are?” As you all know that after completion of chartered accountancy almost 99% of the Chartered Accountants got their first Job in just 1-2 months. So how amazing is that.

I am also aware of the current scenario of the country and our profession where the number of pass outs is increasing day by day but the jobs are limiting day by day.

So what is the catch from all the above circumstances? Do we need to scare about the jobs as any other commerce student?

I think the suitable answer to the above question is a big big “YES” plus we need not to wait for the future but the same situation is in at is starting stage.

What is the solution of above mentioned job problem ?

In my view the following may be the best we can do now.

  1. First of all we have to improve ourselves in each manner i.e in studies, communication skill, personality and all that.
  2. Be motivated and never lose hope.
  3. Whatever you do at your articleship, you should be master of that.
  4. Most important – Be updated. The most common mistake we do is that we stop studying just after passing the final examination.
  5. In communication skill we should be fluent in English language.
  6. Extra Curriculum – A CA with other degrees such is CS, Law is more preferable.
  7. Never be so careless. Try to pass in your first attempt.

So in last we can only wish that our struggle to get this degree should be enough and all the pass out will got job asap.

Thanks for reading. Keep Sharing.