Discontinuation of ranks in CPT Examinations from December 2015 exams

Hello guys! this is the latest happening from the ICAI regarding Common Proficiency Test. As per the latest amendments from December 2015 examination ICAI will not declare any rank holders for CPT Students. Now it is just used as a simple entrance exam.

From the above decision what could be the results or effects on student’s mind set. In my opinion ICAI just wants to make it clear that there is no high marks or low marks for CPT students. It’s just simple a game of pass and fail. You pass the exams then you will be welcomed at CA IPCC level & if you fail then you have to restudy the CPT Module.

But I think there is also disadvantage of the same decision. From now onwards working hard in greed of getting RANKS will gonna lost somewhere which is unhealthy for students.

Good or Bad! we can’t do anything now. Now its official that Discontinuation of ranks in CPT Examinations from December 2015 exams.

Here is the Names of Last Rank holders of CPT Exams for June 2015 Examinations: –

Meka Naresh Kumar: 96 per cent

Saloni Jindal: 95 per cent

Katla Suresh: 94.50 per cent

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