CA CPT Result and Pass Percentage June 2017


CA CPT Result and Pass Percentage June 2017

ICAI has declared date of CA CPT results. This date of CA CPT Result is predicted by us a month back by our analysis of past results. Do look at our analysis what we predicted earlier. We will also share CA CPT Pass percentage along with result on 18th of July. In this post we will share with you :-

  • CA CPT and Final Result Date
  • CA CPT and IPCC Result Date of Past YearS
  • Facts about CA CPT Result
  • CA CPT Pass percentage June 2017 ( Expected )
  • What you can expect from CA CPT Results


CA CPT Result date of Past years

Attempt Paper End Date CA CPT Result Date CA IPCC Result Date
May-16 17th May 2016 18th july 2016 2nd Aug 2016
Nov-15 17th Nov 2015 17th Jan 2016 1st Feb 2016
May-15 17th May 2015 17th July 2015 31st July2015
Nov-14 Exams Postponed
May-14 9th June 2014 8th Aug 2014 21st Aug 2014
Nov-13 21st Nov 2013 15th Jan 2014 31st Jan 2014
May-13 16th May 2013 16th July 2013 31st July 2013


You can see from past trends CA CPT Result will either come on 16 or 17 or 18 th of July. ICAI has announce date of CA Final and CPT by official notification and CA CPT and Final result will be announced on 18th of July 2017. You can check the official notification on also.


CA CPT Pass Percentage for Previous Attempts :-

Below arranged Pass percentage of previous CA CPT Exam results for you. This contains Past year CPT result of Last 25 Attempts for your download. After this we have also shared some facts about these result figures of CPT.

Exam Term Appeared Passed % age
CPT Jun-16 107058 41727 38.98
CPT Dec-15 99077 34129 34.45
CPT Jun-15 128916 32619 25.3
CPT Dec-14 100957 14880 14.74
CPT Jun-14 130291 37303 28.63
CPT Dec-13 113553 42706 37.61
CPT Jun-13 138746 37489 27.02
CPT Dec-12 111961 30305 27.07
CPT Jun-12 149348 56091 37.56
CPT Dec-11 115984 40975 35.33
CPT Jun-11 139226 46372 33.31
CPT Dec-10 122639 31878 25.99
CPT Jun-10 127643 35168 27.55
CPT Dec-09 117001 41411 35.39
CPT Jun-09 112788 37808 33.52
CPT Dec-08 89026 34201 38.42
CPT Jun-08 76026 28751 37.82
CPT Feb-08 56307 5799 10.3
CPT Nov-07 74130 13203 17.81
CPT Aug-07 77691 28753 37.01
CPT May-07 42849 13786 32.17
CPT Feb-07 33141 13384 40.39
CPT Nov-06 27645 18363 66.42


Facts About CA CPT Results :

  • Fact # 1 Average Pass Percentage of CA CPT Exams is 32.3% in Last 23 Attempts.
  • Fact # 2 Highest Pass Percentage of CA CPT Exams is 66.42 in Nov 2016
  • Fact # 3 Lowest Pass Percentage in CA CPT Result is 10.3 in Feb 2008
  • Fact # 4 Highest number of students got cleared in CA CPT were in June 2012, In that attempt 56091 students passed in CA CPT course
  • Fact # 5 Lowest number of students got cleared in CA CPT were in Feb 2008, In that attempt 5799 students passed in CA CPT course

Expectations from CA CPT Result June 2017 : CA CPT PASS PERCENTAGE

CA results should probably come with the tag line “expect the unexpected ” it is the most unpredictable part of ca examination pattern and nothing happens as per expectation. I hope maximum of you would agree on this. In such a situation it is very important to be practical and be wide minded when it comes to acceptance. You might pass when u least expected it and can be overwhelming. You can fail after you thought you nailed it! This is how it is

The first lesson this teaches us is that its not just about what u think or u feel. It is more about what matters and here results have nothing to do with what u feel but is more to do with how u performed and how correct the same was. Coming Back to point, you can expect around 30-32 % Pass percentage this time as CPT will be abolished from CA Course after some time. Focus is to clear more and more students from old CPT course .

CA CPT Pass percentage June 2017 30 % – 32%


CA CPT Past year Result Trend analysis :

ca cpt result pass percentage

Extract of Official Notification by ICAI Regarding CA CPT June 2017 result :

The result of the CA Final Exam held in May 2017 and CPT held in June 2017 will be declared on Tuesday, the 18th of July 2017 around 2.00 P.M. Same as well as the merit list (candidates securing a minimum 55%  and upto 50th Rank in the case of Final Examination in accordance with the decision of the Examination Committee) on all India basis.

Official Website to see CA CPT Result June 2017 :

Officially CA CPT Result for June 2017 exam  will be declared  on the following website: CA Result Website

How to get your CA CPT Result on your Mobile through SMS :

For getting CA results through SMS, students should type:

i) for Final Examination result the following

CAFNL(space)XXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is the six digit Final examination roll number of the candidate) e.g. CAFNL 000128

ii) for Common Proficiency Test result the following

CACPT(Space)XXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is the six digit Common Proficiency Test roll number of the candidate
e.g. CACPT 000171 and send the message to:  58888 – for all mobile services – India Times


Summary: CA CPT RESULT for june 2017 will be declare on 18th July 2017  at 2:00 pm on Students can opt for SMS service free of cost by sending a text message on 58888. Expected Pass percentage of CA CPT June 2017 exams will be 30% – 32 %


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