Now You can start Articleship after Passing only group 2 of IPCC

So now you can start Articleships after Passing only group 2 of IPCC. ICAI by issuing official Notification notifies that IPCC students passing either group of CA IPCC Exams will qualify to start articleships.

Check Articleship status with ICAI ONLINE

Here is the Extract of the ICAI Notification :

Pursuant to the amendment in CA Regulations, 1988, a candidate who has passed either or both the Groups of Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Examination can commence their Articleships.
In other words, now students of IPCC can commence their Practical Training even after passing Group 2 or Group 1 or both the groups of IPCC Examination.

You can check the same by referring to following link :-  Official Notification

Also see :- How many leaves in Articleship is allowed : Articleship Leave

Students who are afraid of giving both the papers due to lack of confidence of passing both groups are benefited the most. Earlier to this notification only students who have articleshippassed first group of their CA IPCC exams can join Articleship or you can say practical training. Their are many students who attempted both groups of  CA IPCC exams but only got success in their second group. Result into unable to start their articleship.


This amendment will help more students to attemp both groups at CA IPCC level. We at CA Notes welcomes the decision taken by ICAI and encourage students to try attempting both groups in one go. Many of Big firms prefer students who have passed both group of CA IPCC in their offices.

Must Read : 5 things you should care before choosing your Articleship Firm

If you need any help regarding this notification of ICAI, then do comment below . We will try to help you as soon as possible. You can also reach us at

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Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams

 Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams 

Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams : many students asks for Tips for Preparations for CA Exams so we brings to you Ten best Tips for Preparations for CA Exams (Both IPCC and final students can follow the same )

1. Prepare a time table for each subject separately. While setting up goal one should be careful that your Time Table must include atleast 4 Revisions including revision before one day of exam.

2. If you are going for both group then leave near about 24 days and if you are going to attempt single group the separate atleast 12 days as your last and final revision before appearing for the exams.

3. That means if you can revise the whole subject in 3 days before exams (in last revision) you can completely revise the same subject in just one day before exam.

4. For normal revision schedule never give time to more than two subjects in a day. If this lucky match of “two subjects a day” be disturbed, I will assure you that this revision gonna be so hard for you.

5. Try to make combination of one theory subject and one practical subject for the day.

Top Ten Tips for Preparation for CA Exams

6. Do not study on Sundays until your last revisions. If you study on each day of the week you will lose concentration and motivation.

7. Make arrangement for group study for atleast one day in a week. It will give you serious motivation while observing your group member’s performance.

8. Always go for Institute material for your study specially Practice manual issued by the institute. For practical subjects Practice manual formally known as compiler is must. Almost fifty percent of the exam question will come from these Institute materials.

9. Try to write on paper while solving practical question instead of just solving it on Calculator. It will give you more speed to solve the same question in exams as you are more familiar with the same.

10. If you are not going to implement the above methods for your exam preparation then you should be extraordinarily Intelligent or you will pass the exams on the basis of very famous quote i.e “ Bhagwan Bharose”

Hope you like our article Top Ten Tips for Preparations for CA Exams and All the best for your upcoming exams.

Question Related to articleship training asked in CA Fresher Job Interview

Question Related to Articleship training asked in CA Fresher Job Interview

Now a days getting a job as a CA fresher in not that easy at all, Also the Questions asked from the interviewers are changing drastically. Earlier more focus given to academic questions but now a days Questions related articleship experience are asked. Same questions are faced by me , Companies like Big 4, BMR , GT ETC. has made separate round in which they ask candidates about their articleship experience. So we compiled set of questions that you need to be prepared before appearing in any interview after completion of your articleship.

Question Related to articleship training asked in CA Fresher Job Interview:

1. Tell us about the work done by you in articleship training. What are your achievements.

2. Where have you done your training ? What type of audits have you done ?

3. What were your roles and responsibilities in the firm ?

4. Why have you changed the firm ? ( In case of Transfer )

5. Give us a practical situation or narrate a particular problem faced by you in your training assignments.

6. What are the major findings during articleship and how have you dealt with the issues ?

7. What are the major contributions made by you in the process of audit work ?

8. What areas have you found interesting in audit assignments ?

9. How far have you applied theoretical concepts in practical situations ?

This is not an exhaustive list and one can add more questions as per his/her experience during job interview, If you want to add some more questions in comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends


Thank You !!

Important Interview Questions for Finance & Accounts Job Interview

Important Interview Questions for Finance & Accounts Job Interview

In this post we are going to tell you Important Interview Questions for Finance & Accounts Job Interview . This is an exhaustive list and you can select questions as per the job profile you are going for Interview

Important Interview Questions for Finance & Accounts Job Interview :

1. What is arbitrage ?

2. How would you evaluate the financial strength of an organization from its balance sheet ?

3. Do you subscribe to the view that for a new enterprise depreciation should be provided on the basis of written down value (wdv) of assets to maintain uniformity with depreciation rules as per income tax act ?

4. What is debt-equity ratio ? Explain the significance. Is it advisable for an organization to have higher debt or equity if, an enterprise is putting up a totally new project ?

5. How would you evaluate investments in respect of capital intensive projects of say,  1000 to  1500 crores ?

6. What is operating leverage and what is financial leverage ?

7. Does a higher net profit always represent a surplus cash flow ?

8. How do you distinguish between capital employed and net worth ? How are these calculated ?

9. Your company has an equity paid up capital of  100 crores and the free reserves of  50 crores as on 31.03.2008. The loan outstanding as on that date was  70 crores. The company has to borrow  100 crores as part of capital investment programme. As the chief finance officer of the company, please advise the board on the statutory provisions of borrowing in this regard.

10. What is “demat” ? How does dematerializing the shares benefit the company issuing shares and the investor ?

11. What are intangible assets ?

12. What do you understand by IRR and “payback” period ?

13. What is the meaning of free cash flow ?

14. What do you understand by tax- deductible interest and tax shield on interest payment ?

15. Your company has placed an award of contract for supply of machinery from UK. As per the terms of payment, a letter of credit (L/C) is to be opened. Discuss how you will open a L/C.

16. Your company has a provident fund trust. As secretary of the trust, how will you invest the trust funds and in which securities adhering to statutory provisions ?

17. How is the taxable income of a company derived from its accounts ? Mention the major items of reconciliation.

18. How would you treat the following items in the accounts ?

A. Subsidy received from the central government on installation of anti-pollution equipment.

B. Subsidy received from the government for setting up a factory in a backward area.

C. Liability for excise duty in respect of goods manufactured but not yet cleared from the bonded warehouse.

19. What do you understand by the term credit rating and what are its advantages ?

20. What do you understand by the term “corporate governance” ?

21. What do you understand by public financial institution, all-India financial Institution and non-banking finance company ?

22. Distinguish between FPO and IPO ?

23. How to pledge ?

24. What is non-performing asset (NPA) ? What are the implications of NPAs to the borrower and the lender ?

25. What are the various risks a lender will have to take in respect of short- term, medium term and long-term lending ?

26. What are the various parameters a lender will look at before deciding to fund a project ?

27. What parameters should be kept in view to determine the period of a term loan while funding a project ?

28. What is the difference between bond and debenture ?

29. What do you understand by disinvestment ?

30. What is spread ?

31. What is margin money ?

32. What is working capital ?

33. What is commercial paper ? Why companies use them ?

34. How is working capital requirement assessed ?

35. What are the conditions for a company to raise equity funds from the capital market ?

36. What is the internal control system give examples of internal control System.

37. What are the various methods of funding working capital ?

38. What is a letter of comfort and how is it different from a letter of Guarantee ?

39. In an import contract for which payment is by letter of credit, if the goods imported turn out to be damaged, can the payment under letter of credit be stopped ? If not, what are the recourses available to the importer ?

40. Under a letter of credit, if the documents are received and the opener has no funds available in the account, is the opening bank obliged to remit ?

41. Can Indian mutual funds invest in shares and other securities abroad ?

42. What is a debt recovery tribunal ?

43. Is it mandatory for non-banking financial companies to have registration with RBI ?

44. What is a universal bank ?

45. What is a debt- trap ?

46. What is a “standby letter of credit” ?

47. What are ECS and EFT in banking terminology ?

48. What is an e-cheque ?

49. What is meant by payable at par facility provided by a bank to its clients ?

50. What do we mean by treasury management in a company ?

51. What do we mean by wealth management for individuals ?

52. What is asset securitization ?

53. What in MIS Reporting ?

54. What do you look at when a Financial Statement is given to judge the creditability of the company ?

55. Explain journal entries and accounting processes.

56. Explain ratios analysis

57. What controls may be incorporated in accounts payable

58. What is Net worth of a company ?

59. What is fair value of an asset ?

60. Explain debtors. How do you deal with them in books ?

61. What is Diluted EPS, How it is Calculated, Which companies required to disclose diluted EPS ?

62. What are the assumptions while doing Actuarial Valuation for Gratuity ?

63. What is process to avail loan ?

64. What are Qualified Institutional Placements ?


You can add more Questions as per your experience and don’t forget to share it with your friends

Technical Questions asked in CA Interview

Technical Questions asked in CA Interview

1. What is materials requirements planning ?

2. Explain – Environment Exposure.

3. What is “Product Life Cycle”

4. Tell us about SAP

5. What is an ERP Package ? Do you have any exposure in ERP ?

6. Business concepts on software companies

7. What is growth in Banking Industry

8. What are the privileges of a Private Company

9. What is organizational hierarchy ?

10. Tell us about RBI Prudential Norms.

11. Who controls insurance sector in India ?

12. What do you know about assurance engagements

13. Accounting in Process in BPO and Compliance Procedures

14. How is the accounting in a BPO different from other companies

15. What is the relationship between Interest rate and Inflation

16. What is option ?

17. What is the reason for financial crisis ?

18. What are the criteria for deciding the rating by CRISIL ?


You can add your Experience in the comments below and stay update for more Questions and Suggestions Like this

Most Common audit Questions asked in CA Fresher Interview

Most Common audit Questions asked in CA Fresher Interview

Many of the young CAs asked us about  Questions asked  in CA fresher Interview, so we tried to make a list for you all that you can refer in your Interview, remember these all are only Most Common Audit related Questions . If you want more questions than browse through our site for further help. Go through this list and you may add more questions as per your Experience in below comments

Most Common audit Questions asked in CA Fresher Interview

1. Which form of audit is better – internal audit or statutory audit ? Why ?

2. Discuss the concept of “materiality” with reference to disclosures in the Financial statements.

3. Discuss the relationship between internal and external auditors.

4. What controls can be instituted by the management of an entity over computerized processing of accounting data to prevent errors, frauds, accidental loss of data, etc. ?

5. What are special audit techniques employed by the auditors (s) to verify the computer based records ?

6. It has been the policy of the company to value the inventories of finished goods at selling price since the items have a ready market. However, the auditor objects to this valuation on the basis that it amounts to recognizing unrealized profit. What is your advice ?

7. The chief accountant argues that it is not possible to determine the net realizable value of the inventories on hand since the market value must be determined. What is your advice ?

8. Is a statutory auditor required to certify the cash flow statement in a Balance sheet ?

9. The statutory auditor’s report in its latest format tends to project the accounts as that of the management. Does that absolve the auditor from his responsibility ?

10. Is the reporting under CARO compulsory for all auditors ?

11. The company is an all-India organization with offices spread over the different parts of the country. As the chief internal auditor of the company, how will you organize the internal audit department and conduct the audit ? 12. Please explain programe for verification of work in process.

13. What verifications are needed in a SAS type-ii audit in case of a BPO a Service providing organization having overseas clients ?

14. What is peer review audit ? When is it required ?

15. Discuss process of auditing sales.

16. What is audit plan ?

17. How stock audit are conducted ? What is its necessity ?

18. What is concurrent Audit

19. What are the governance issues to be considered while auditing ?

20. Are you interested in Internal Audit/ Statutory Audit.

21. What are the different types of Audit Reports ?

22. What is Concurrent Audit and Define Depreciable Asset

23. What are the major of areas of internal audit in case of finance companies

24. Why audit cannot provide absolute assurance ?

25. Being an auditor, how can you identify willful non-monetary fraudulent accounting entries to boost profits ?

Most Commonly Asked Tax related Questions in an Interview

Most Commonly Asked Tax related Questions in an Interview

Many of the young professional asked us about Most Commonly Asked Tax related Questions in an Interview, so we tried to make a list for you all that you can refer in your Interview, remember these all are only Most Commonly Asked Tax related Questions . If you want more questions than browse through our site for further help. Go through this list and you may add more questions as per your Experience in below comments.

Most Commonly Asked Tax related Questions in an Interview

1. Is the provision for bad and doubtful debts allowed as expenditure under Income-tax act ?

2. What is the minimum alternate tax and when is it applicable ?

3. Is any issue related to MAT handled by you ? Discuss

4. What is an infrastructure company ? What are the benefits under income- Tax available to an infrastructure company ?

5. What is tax holiday ?

6. What is double taxation ?

7. Is tax audit compulsory for all organizations ?

8. Is there any advantage by having tax audit in addition to the statutory audit ?

9. What is the period within which an assessment can be re-opened by Assessing authority and for what reasons ?

10. What are the provisions of income tax act regarding TDS, deposit of TDS amount and filing of belated return by the company ? What are the panel provisions for non-compliance ?

11. As per act, who is required to file the return on behalf of a company ?

12. When and how is the tax audit carried out ?

13. Does the income tax act provide for statutory maintenance of records ? If so, what are they ?

14. Describe the provisions regarding “valuation of perks”.

15. The company offers you a compensation package of Rs. 30,000 per month. It also gives you an option to choose the item to be covered in the compensation package to reduce your tax liability on salary income. Please discuss your options.

16. Is it advantageous to close the accounting year in March or any other month ? Give reasons thereof ?

17. What do you understand by the term “rectification of assessment” ? What is the time limit available for the same ?

18. What is the rate of interest for late payment of tax and refunds ?

19. What is the consequence of not having pan for an assessee ?

20. What is the deadline for issuing form 16 and the procedure to be followed for issuing a duplicate form 16 ?

21. A consultant is engaged by a company at specified lump sum fees. Is deduction of service tax from the payment of fees mandatory ?

22. Is wealth tax act applicable to companies ? If so, give examples of major items that could be considered as part of taxable wealth.

23. What is section 14 of income tax act ?

24. What is the major cause of difference between accounting profit and tax profit ?

25. In case of power generation companies what are the typical provisions for depreciation and tax deduction ?

26. What are the benefits of SEZs/industrial parks ?

27. What is VAT ?

28. Tell us your view about the new direct tax code.

29. Tell about latest changes in taxation’

30. Differentiate direct & indirect taxes

31. What do you mean by withholding Tax

32. What are the changes in Corporate Tax in the last budget

33. Differentiate Customs & Excise tax ?

34. What do you understand by double taxation ?

35. What is Indexation ?

36. Is PAN necessary for non-resident ? Why

37. What are the slab rates for corporate tax ?

38. What are applicable TDS rates ?

39. Tell us about Goods and Service Tax.

40. What are tax implications in merger & acquisitions ?

41. What is deferred tax ?

42. Whether customs duty will be abolished ?

43. What are the heads of income under Income Tax Act ?

44. What is Tax Audit ? What we have to check in it ?

45. What is tax on agricultural income ?


You can prepare your own as well all the best for your Interview 🙂

List of all CA Firms in India

List of all CA Firms in India

Today we are going to provide you list of all CA Firms in India. In our earlier posts we provided you Top CA Firms In Chennai, List of Top CA Firms in Delhi , List Of Top CA Firms In Bangalore   and lot of other cities too. But today what we are providing you is just amazing, we are providing you the lists of CA Firms all over India, even in villages, this data is also the latest one. This CA Firms data is updated upto 31st March 2015. So go through the complete list and share it with your friends too.

List Of Sole Proprietary CA Firms in Different Regions

Sole Proprietary Firms
Western Southern Eastern Central Northern

Area wise no. of  Sole Proprietary CA Firms in Different Regions

Index  of  Sole  Proprietary  Firms
Western Southern Eastern Central Northern

List Of Sole Partnership CA Firms in Different Regions

   Partnership   Firms
Western Southern Eastern Central Northern

Area wise no. of Sole Proprietary CA Firms in Different Regions

Index  of  Partnership  Firms
Western Southern Eastern Central Northern


This data is originally hosted on the servers of ICAI, We are just providing you all the links for your ease, hope you like our efforts, will provide you more such resources on so stay in touch 🙂




Industrial Training Process in CA course

Industrial Training Process in CA course


Chartered Accountant course is one the best course if an individual wish to be the in the field of Finance, accounting or Audit. The course offers multiple opportunity to individuals giving a wide range of experience across audit and accounting. Before getting the charter a candidate must do a practical training for at least three years. Every candidate has the privilege to a do an industrial training in the last year of article ship which usually last between nine months to a year. The training is received under the mentorship of a member of institute.

The Industrial Training

According to ICAI any candidate or articled clerk who has cleared intermediate examination or Professional Education is eligible for industrial training and must opt for it at his decision. The article is supposed to do the industrial training under an associate, who has been a member of the CA institute for at least 3 years.
The training can be in any commercial, industrial or financial organisation which has at least 1 crore in fixed assets or 10 crore of turnover or paid up share capital of 50 lakh, approved time to time by the council.

During his training the article learn a lot about daily functioning of an organisation than just financial conventions and laws. After finishing the industrial training, the article need to preserve work related details of industrial training. The member under whom the article completed his training will then issue the article a certificate under Form No. 105. After satisfactory completion of the training the article is given certificate for completion of training.

Industrial Trasining Process in CA



Industrial Training criteria

  1. All articles post clearance of Both Groups of the Intermediate, Professional Education Examination and Professional Competency Course.
  2. The article clerk must be in the last year of practical training.
  3. The article clerk must also inform the associate member at least three month before the commencement of training.
  4. The industrial training period must not be less than nine months.
  5. The associate member to train an article clerk must be a member of the institute for at least three years and can train two article clerks at a time.
  6. Submit Form 104 to institute’s office within 30 days of the commencement of training.
  7. The company providing the industrial training must be from the institutes approved list.
  8. Student can also pursue one course with the permission of the institute. The article clerk must submit Form No. 112 to apt regional office. The student will receive an official approval within a month. If the article clerk fail to intimate the institute about pursing another course, the institute may derecognise the training that article went through during that period.



The aim of CA institute is to provide best knowledge to its candidates about the how industries operate. Industrial training can really help shape the work philosophy of a candidate who wish to pursue a lucrative career in the industry as they learn the fundamentals. It also help a candidate build industry connection which would prove beneficial after completion of the course.


written By:-  Yash Shah

You can catch him at for feedback.



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Sr No. Firm name Email id Phone No. Address Work Detail
1 Grant Thornton 56954861 313, Ahura Centre, 82 Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093 Advisory,Audir And Taxation
2 Lodha & Co 22691414 Karim Chambers, 40 Ambalal Doshi Marg, Hamam Street, Fort, Mumbai 400 023 Auditing
3 GM Kapadia & Co 66116611 1001, Raheja Chambers, 213, Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point,Mumbai 400021 Accounting and international taxtion
4 Chaturvedi & Shah 30218500 714 – 715, Tulsiani Chambers, 212, Nariman Point,Mumbai – 400 021, Auditing and coporate services
5 Khimji Kunverji & Co. 22662550 Suite 52, Bombay Mutual Building, Sir Phirozshah Mehta Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001 Auditing, Taxtion And Accounting
6 MZS & Associate 24393600 The Ruby,9th Floor, North West Wing, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028 Auditing, plaing and finance
7 Mahajan & Aibara 22182843 1, Chawla House, 62 Wodehouse Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400 005 Auditing
8 Batliboi & Purohit 22077941 2nd floor, National Insurance Building, 204, Dadabhoy Navroji Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001. Auditing and taxation
10 Singhi & Co 24913004 101 Turf Estate, Dr. E. Moses Road (Shakti Mills Lane), Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400 011 Auditing And Accounts and Taxation
11 NAIR & CO 28300209 C-109 & 110, Floral Deck Plaza Central MIDC Road ,Andheri (East) Mumbai -400093 Taxtion And Accounting
12 A.F. FERGUSON & CO 22186412 Maker Towers ‘E’, 4th Floor Cuffe Parade Mumbai 400 005 Accounting,taxation
13 Dalal & Shah 22665251 City office,east & West Insurance building2nd Floor,49-55, Bombay Samachar Marg,Fort, Mumbai – 400 023. India.Tel : Auditing
14 Ray & Ray 26146080 305 Eastern Court , Tejpal Road, Ville Parle (East), Mumbai – 400057, India Auditing And Accounts and Taxation
15 Ghalla & Bhansali 40497000 Devansh’, 2nd Floor, 133, D. S. P. Road,Near Ranjit Studio, Dadar (East),Mumbai – 400 014, India. Auditing
16 G. M. Borkar & Co 26671102 B-14 Valmiki Apartments, Sundernagar, Kalina,Santacruz(E), Mumbai 400098 Auditing Firm
17 Kamdar Desai and Patel 24475000 Vasaikar House, 296 Cadell Road, Dadar (W). Mumbai – 400 028. Taxation
18 Aneja & associates 66546905 301, Peninsula Towers, Peninsula Corporate Park, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel,Mumbai 400 013. Aduiting
19 Borkar & Muzumdar 22613766 235/37 Peninsula House, Dr. D.N. Road, Fort,Mumbai- 400 001 AUDITING
20 Chandabhoy & Jassoobhoy 24981516 208, Phoenix House, A Wing, 462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,Mumbai 400 013. Business related and consulting services
21 CVK & Associates 24468717 2,Samarth Apartments, D.S Babrekar Road, Off Gokhale Road (North), Dadar(W),Mumbai-400 028 Audit and project finance
22 Ford, Rhodes, Parks & Co 67979819 312/313, Sai Commercial Building, B.K.S.Deveshi Marg, Govandi, MUMBAI – 400088 Valuation & audit
23 GMJ & Co 61919293 3rd & 4th Floor, Vaastu Darshan – “B”, Above Central Bank of India,Azad Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 069 Auditing & taxation
24 Chokshi & chokshi 23836900 15 / 17, Raghavji ‘B’ Bldg., Ground Floor, Raghavji Road, Off Kemps Corner, Near Cumballa Hill Hospital,Mumbai – 400 036 IFRS And audit
25 Suresh Surana & Associates 66960644 13th floor, Bakhtawar, 229, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021. Auditing & Ifrs and Advisory
26 Khandelwal Jain & Company 43115000 6-B, PIL Court, 6th Floor,111, Maharashi Karve Road, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020. Auditing
27 Sridhar & Santhanam 26591730 No. 406,Madhava Building,4 th Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051 Audit& tax and it
28 Contractor Nayak & Kishnadwala 66230600 Jash Chambers, 3rd Floor,7, Sir P.M. Road, Fort,Mumbai 400001 Audut,IFRS and Tax
29 K. S. Aiyar & Co 56551770 F-7, Laxmi Mills, Shakti Mills Lane, (Off Dr. E. Moses Rd.),Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400 011. Auditing & accountind and management
30 Todarwal & Todarwal 22068264 12, Maker Bhavan No.3, 1st Floor, 21, New Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020 Taxation
31 Haribhakti & co 61326999 42, Free Press House, 215, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400-021 Taxtion
32 Engineer & Mehta 26740294 501-4, Midas Chambers, Opp. Fun Republic Multiplex,Off New Link Road,Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400 053 Auditing and Finance
33 N. A. Shah Associates 40733000 B 41-45, Paragon Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400 013 Auditing and Taxation
34 Ajay Sethi & Associates 24104000 2nd Floor Navbharat Estate, East Wing, Zakaria Bunder Road Sewri (W), Mumbai 400 015 Auditing
35 Dayal and Lohia 66372969 Office No. 6 & 7, 1st Floor,Kamanwala Chambers, Sir P.M. Road,Fort, Mumbai – 400 001 Aduditing
36 G D Apte 26162830 G-01, Radha Bhuvan Co-op. Housing Society, 19, Mahant Road,Vile Parle (East),Mumbai – 400 057 Auditing
37 Gala & Gala 66702345 409-413, Navratan Building, 120-122, P. D’Mello Road, Carnac Bridge Corner,Mumbai – 400 009. Accounting and auditing
38 Kochar & Associates 24379537 302, Swapna Bhoomi “A”, S.K.Bole Road, Near Portugese Church,Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028. Audit and management and taxtion
39 Sudit K Parekh 66178000 2nd Floor, Ballard House, Adi Marzban Path, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001 Tax advisory
40 Anmol Sekhri & Associates 26419864 Basement, Bandra Arcade Building, OPP. Bandra (West) Railway Station,Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050 Auditing& valution,consulting
41 Gandhi & John 25019000 101-B, Kailash Plaza, V.B. Lane, Above ICICI Bank,Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai – 400 075 Auditing and anagement consultancy
42 Lakhani & Lakhani 25935370 F-1/F-2 Shanti Bhuvan, S.N Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai-400080 Auditing
43 S. G. Kabra & Co 22010708 Wavell House, 1st Floor, Next to Lalit Restaurant, 1st Dhobi Talao Lane, Mumbai – 400 002 Auditing and advisory,finance
44 G. K. Choksi & Co 56324446 601, Raheja Chambers, Free Press Journal Road, Nariman Point,Mumbai – 400 021. Auditing
45 Singrodia Goyal & Co 66256363 4A, Kaledonia-HDIL, 2nd Floor, Sahar Road, Near Andheri Station, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069 Auditing And Accounts and Taxation
46 B D Jokhakar & Co. 22654882 8, Ambalal Doshi Marg,Fort, Mumbai 400 001. Auditing
47 P Parikh & Associates 23443549 76, Ratnajyot Industrial Estate, Irla Lane , Vile Parle (West),Mumbai – 400 056. Auditing And Accounts and Taxation
48 Bansal, Bansal & Company 28507815 Bansal, Bansal & Company 6/152, Sanjay Mittal Estate, Andheri Kurla Road , Andheri East, MUMBAI – 400059. Auditing And Accounts and Taxation
49 Rakchamps 61273996 GF-9, Rock Enclave, Next to SBI, Sayyadri, Hindustan Naka, near Charkop, Industrial area, Kandivli West, Mumbai-400067 Auditing And Accountong
50 Nitin Gada & Co 28071976 B-204, Mrud Kishore CHS Ltd., Behind Gokul Shopping Centre, Near Dattapada Road Subway,Borivli (West), Mumbai- 400092. Internal & Bank Audit
51 Divakar Hari & Associates 25557503 611/612, Raikar Chambers, 6th floor, Shankeshwar Parshwanath Marg, Deonar, Mumbai – 400088 Auditing & Taxation
52 V. Shivkumar & Associates 26734852 120, Damji Shamji Udyog Bhavan,Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West),Mumbai 400 053 Auditing
53 MNRD & Associates 28200310 Room No. 2, Third Floor, Abbas Manzil, Sahar Road, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 099 Auditing
54 A. P. Nagpal & co 26124521 204, Sagar Complex, Near Ram Mandir, M.G. Road,Vile Parle (East),Mumbai 400 057 Auditong and taxation
55 Jaikumar Tejwani & Co 65220298 106 Saurabh Building, Ist floor Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai-400059 Taxation and company regulatory
56 Poneet Gupta & Co. 40383600 225, Gemstar Commercial Complex, Ramchandra Lane Extension,, Off Link Road,Malad West, Mumbai 400064. Accounting & Advsory
57 P.D. Saraf & Co 30284848 1103, Arcadia, 195 Nariman Point, NCPA Marg, Mumbai – 400021. Auditing
58 M.M.Singhvi and Company 3086366 3/405,Navjivan Society,Lamington Road, Mumbai-400008 Auditong and taxation
59 Datta Gupta & Associates 22618622 Flat # A / 001,Silver Palace, (Inside Akal Co-op. Hsg. Society, J.B.Nagar, Andheri ( East ) Mumbai, India. Auditing
60 R.M. AJGAONKAR & CO. 26605684 “MANDAR”, JUHU TARA ROAD, Opp. Bharat Petroleum petrol Pump, juhu, Mumbai-400 049 Auditing
61 SRIDHAR & SANTHANAM 26591730 Madhava building, 4th floor,BKC Bandra (E),Mumbai-400051 Auditing
62 PONEET GUPTA & CO. 26831186 A/103, Rajeshree Accord,Telly Gully Cross Lane,Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 059. Auditing
63 AYWANT, DESAI & CO. 24309832 G 8, Guru Krupa Hsg. Society,Opp. Plaza Theatre, N.C. Kelkar Rd.,Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028. Auditing
64 Sharp & Tannan 66338343 194, Churchgate Reclamation, Dinshaw Vachha Road, Mumbai 400 020 Auditing and advising for business,projects